[iOS] MakeupText helps you makeup with your significant other after a fight

screen568x568If I had to guess, I’d say that modern technology has made it harder to keep a relationship together. Cheaters have more avenues for finding partners than ever before, while even a solid relationship can come to a screeching end because of a fight over a Facebook message. But for all the dangers that technology can pose to a relationship, some tech can actually help save a relationship…or at least, amuse you. One really humorous and unique app that’s been getting a lot of press lately is MakeupText, developed by Jake Levine.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

MakeupText is a funny little app that let’s you craft semi-personalized text messages that you can use to restart a flagging relationship. Jake Levine also created a companion app, BreakupText.


  • Attractive interface
  • Really funny messages
  • Great conversation starter
  • Facebook and Twitter integration


  • More for entertainment than relationship help (though if humor is the way to someone’s heart, this app may just save a relationship or two)
  • Pretty limited in terms of options and variables for building out your makeup text message
  • Must give the app access to your contacts list
  • I encountered a glitch where I would select a contact, compose the message, but then the recipient field would have another person’s name in it


screen568x5683Even if you don’t have a relationship to save, MakeupText is well-worth playing around with because it has so many funny results. I particularly liked the “relationship rescue” text that you get if you choose the “kidnapped by Russians” option.

To get MakeupText to work, you will have to give the app access to your contacts. From there, you select whether the message is to go to a female, or a male. Next, you can select from one of three “mistakes” that you made in your relationship. These include “I lost interest” or “I was kidnapped by Russians” or “Something shiny caught my eye.”

Finally, you select a closing message: either “I love you more than anything” or “I want another chance.” You are then presented with your message. You can review the message, make any changed you’d like, and even change the recipient. That latter bit is good, because I encountered a bug where I would select one person to receive the message, but then the message would be slated to go out to a different person entirely.

Overall, this app is really funny. The messages generated by MakeupText are “laugh out loud” funny and really very charming. For entertainment value alone, this is a fun app.

Conclusion and download link

MakeupText is a really fun app. It may not be especially expansive, but there’s a fair amount of variety and a lot of humor packed into this tiny little app. It’s not guaranteed to save a relationship, but it is a good way to get the conversation going.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS:  Requires iOS 6.1 or later

Download size: 1.5 MB

MakeupText on Apple App Store

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