I wonder how this error got past quality control [Image]



Things are getting serious.

[via Reddit]

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  • Dale Dixon

    [@citizenearth] Your comment on behalf of the citizens of earth are noted.

  • citizenearth

    A message or notice that uses ordinary language for the rest of us.

  • Dale Dixon

    you could put
    x=msgbox(“Bit of a f***-up here”,16,”DataMate”)
    into notepad, save as .vbs to get the same result.

  • etim

    Finally–an error message that makes sense.

  • I would think that some of these are photoshoped, but I know better than that. They might be but there’s even stranger things out there.

    Some time ago there was a lot of controversy about the “pornographic imagery” hidden in Disney films. People were up in arms that Disney, of all places, would be exposing their children to those images. Thing is, before the controversy happened there was a story about Disney animators who would throw those kind of things in because they were bored. Mostly they were single frames that passed by so fast nobody ever saw them, at least until laserdisks came out and people could check the movie out frame by frame. The animators little game to see what they could sneak past the censors became a huge embarrassment to the company.