Researcher saves baby panda… by dressing up like a panda [Amazing Photo of the Day]


The story behind this the panda cub in question lost his/her mother. So a panda researcher in China dressed up like a panda to help the cub feel more comfortable while rescuing it.

[via Facebook]

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  • Reginald

    What about the little guy needing breast fed though? That’s going to be a tough act to follow! Aye?

  • Suze

    [@JMJ] ;-)))))))))

  • JMJ

    [@Suze] Thanks for the reassurance. I was getting so misty-eyed by this story that my mascara was ruining my beard. No further comments, please. :-)

  • Suze

    [@JMJ] Please do! Ooohing and Awwwwwing aren’t limited to gender, and you won’t lose any “man points” either (an Ashraf term) :)

  • JMJ

    Is this a Suze/Susanne/Suzy/etc. female only thing or can a guy get in on the Ooohing and Awwwwwing act?

  • Suze

    I “second” that, Susanne! This reminds me of Gladys, the baby gorilla that was rejected by her mother several months ago, and then “raised” by zoo workers at the Cincinnati Zoo who wore gorilla-like costumes until she was old enough to be introduced to (and accepted by) her “surrogate” mom.

    I hope this baby panda is adopted/accepted too. Thankfully the researcher was sympathetic :)

  • Susanne

    Now that is a **serious** Awwwww moment.