This person managed to crash the Not Responding window [Image]


So what do you do when the Not Responding window doesn’t respond?

[via P1xels]

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  • I just had to fix a sound issue on my nephew’s netbook that far harder than it should have been. Windows 7 starter edition, the windows audio service wouldn’t start. Not only would it not start, and none of the standard solutions would work, but it couldn’t find the built in speakers, device manager came up empty and some of the other services wouldn’t work.

    I finally tracked this down to the Windows 7 PlugPlay service, not only failing to load on startup but unable to even locate the appropriate DLL file. After checking the registry key for where it thought that DLL file was, I copied the file from it’s real location to that location, problem solved. No way I was going to move the file and break some other part of the computer. =)

  • AT

    Three finger solution.

  • citizenearth

    Switch off?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    You go all “Hulk Smash!!” on your keyboard, of course.