Students create greenhouse designed for Mars

popeye mars greenhouse

In may of this year, NASA held its International Space Apps Challenge across several cities around the world. The event took place around the course of 48 hours in each city, but at the end of the day, only seven contenders had the chance of winning the top prize. The best in our eyes however, is the team that created a greenhouse designed for Mars.

The team is made up of Students from Greece, who are interested in creating a self-supporting greenhouse that is capable of growing spinach on the red planet’s surface. It’s a pretty clever idea, one that could benefit the human race if NASA takes a serious interest in what could be. At the moment, humans are finding it more difficult each day to locate farm lands, in many occasions, we take lands away from wildlife, which puts them in danger of being extinct.

So, how does this thing work? Well, it is solar-powered and has a protective dome to keep plant life safe from whatever radiation and heat that is located on Mars. Furthermore, team claim this bad boy is designed to grow spinach over a 45-day period.

As of now, the Popeye (that’s what they call it,) is designed to feed Astronauts on Mars, but we are certain this piece of tech would be used for so much more as technology further advances in the future.

[via Reuters]

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