I would not want to work this guy’s job [Image]


Holy ****, batman. That is a huge mess and I am glad I’m not one that has to deal with it.

[via OiMouseboy]

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  • dtwill08

    looks worse then what it is..i worked in the pentagon..but if i tell you..i’d have to terminate you

  • Joleca

    Looks like and old telephone company central office..

  • David Roper

    My gawd, how did you find that picture of me in my LAN room?

  • CJ Cotter

    Naw….it just LOOKS bad. If you understand the equipment and how each is supposed to interact with the other, the wiring mess is not an issue. Every post, terminal and contact on the back of each unit, is either an “in” or an “out”. Go to your local night spot that has live music, and look at the rat’s nest of cabling among all the audio equipment. Same thing.

  • All I can say is that it must be nice to haver job security. No way they will ever find someone else that wants to deal with that.