[Android] Add new contacts and immediately call or text them your info with AddMeNow

AddMeNow UIIt’s silly really that one of the most important things we do with our smartphones can often take a long time. What am I talking about exactly? I’m talking about adding new contacts to our devices. It’s pretty much a two-step process since you have to take down a friend or contact’s information, enter it into your device and then send them a text message so they have yours. On some handsets you have to go through several sub-menus before you can actually enter any information. AddMeNow is an Android application that has been designed to change all of that. It’s been developed by XDA forum user SystemErrorOne, and the premium version is totally free to XDA forum members (which is free to join).

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

AddMeNow is an Android app that is designed to make contact entry so much easier. First it prompts you to enter your own information, including a profile picture. After, you then enter new contacts as you get them. Then you can send your own information via a text message to the newly entered contact. The free version of the application does include ads, and is missing several additional features offered in the premium version. However, the premium version is free to XDA community members, meaning the ads are removed.

Luckily, AddMeNow is available in Google Play which means you don’t have to bother with sideloading the app on your device like most offerings from the XDA Developers forum.


  • Allows you to enter contact information and send a text message or call instantly
    • Cuts down all the fuss needed to add a new contact to your device and send them your number
  • When adding a contact the information is stored in your phone


  • Free version has restrictions
    • The free version has advertisements, but they’re not obtrusive
    • You cannot edit the default text when tapping the “add with text” button
    • Contacts can only be saved to your phone, and not your Google account (through the app)


The idea is to make trading contact information much easier. The very first time you run the application it will prompt you to enter your personal information. What you have an option to enter is your name, address and phone number. Personally, I would rather not send just anyone my address so I left that field blank.

AddMeNow enter contact infoAfter that information has been entered, you’re taken to the main UI. The main UI is separated into three tabs: me, add only and settings. The “me” tab is the main tab you are taken to after entering your personal information. It includes the info you entered, which is displayed at the top, a profile picture and two action buttons: add with call, and add with text. The “add only” tab allows you to add a contact by entering their first name, last name and phone number. There are also two action buttons, one allows you to add the contact, and the other clears all information entered. The final “settings” tab includes all the configurable options related to the app. From this tab you can reset owner info, edit information and even clear all data associated with the app.

On the main “me” tab you can upload a personal photo or profile picture. If you use one of the two bottom action buttons, you can add the related contact by entering information and then the app automatically carries out the related action. For example, if you choose the “add with text” button, once the information has been entered the app will automatically add the contact’s information to your phonebook and then start a generic text message. In case you’re wondering, the text message reads “hi, how are you?” If you don’t want that message to be sent you can edit the text, don’t worry.

The app does feature adds, which display as a small banner at the very top of each tab. There are no ads or sponsored messages in any of the texts you send. Additionally, none of the ads are obtrusive in any way.

Conclusion and download link

AddMeNow settings menuAddMeNow basically cuts down on the hassle of adding contacts to your device and then having to manually text them or call them to offer your personal information (to allow them to save your number). Instead of navigating through several menus or performing different actions, AddMeNow lets you do it all at once. I recommend pretty much everyone at least try this app, since we are all regularly making new contacts.

Price: Free, $2.50 (pro)

Version reviewed: 1.0

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 922KB

AddMeNow on Play Store

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