Pennybacker Bridge under the moonlight [Wallpaper]


That is a photo of Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas, under the full moon on a late summer Friday night.

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[via HodgePodge]

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  • BruceM

    Okay, one final post on this Austin-area picture. To the left and behind the camera is one of the best and most famous BBQ restaurants in the Austin area — a real classic to Austinites — one of the two County Line BBQ restaurant locations. Much recommended, and one of my favorites (for almost 30 years) when I’m back in Austin.

  • BruceM

    Okay, just to be accurate, most people living in the Austin area actually think of this highway as either Highway 360 or Loop 360 (the most common name). There is actually an official name that I don’t recall, but in Austin its not unusual for a highway to have two and sometimes three names. This use of multiple names can make it confusing when locals give directions to someone whose not from the Austin area.

  • BruceM

    While this is a great photo, it threw me for a sec while I tried to make sure that I recognized it. While the official name of the bridge is the “Pennybacker Bridge,” no in Austin, TX, where the bridge is located, ever calls it by that name (and most probably don’t even know the official name). In Austin, this is called the “Loop 360 Bridge,” since it is part of the 360 Loop highway that bypasses part of Austin. A couple of trivia points about this bridge is that to the lower right on the far side is a marina, which is why you see lights pointing out over the water towards the camera, and on the opposite side of the bridge is a country club that puts on a great 4th of July fireworks display. One of my old companies was located on a hill to the right rear of the camera, and I used to enjoy going up on the parking garage, with quite a few others, and watching the fireworks display from the country club, as well as others around Austin that were farther away.