• CJ Cotter

    Darcy, this computer belongs to a guy. No woman in her right mind would ever create something like this.

    Innovation or desperation? Neither! The word to use is “Practical”.

    Most towers are not designed very well. Cooling and air-flow is terrible. They’re difficult to access if you need to troubleshoot them. If you are a DIY experimenter, most towers have limited features that create restrictions on what you can or cannot hookup. Motherboards often don’t line up with the cabinet screws.

    For this guy, his options are only limited by his imagination. I envy him.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I doff my chapeau to this person.

  • JonE

    I like it; looks clean. If that’s a fan in the back that could keep it cool and keep the dust off. Very nice; inventive.

  • David Roper

    My wife’s comment? She said “he’s not married!”

  • kevbo


    [@Jim-1] I agree.

    The creator should copyright the idea, before Apple steals it.

  • B@skelli

    Well, this is a geeky piece of hardware. While it looks very cheap, it has an excellent ventilation! LOL

    Thus it is Innovation, no Desperation.

    PS: I wonder which operating system is being used for this one. – Maybe Linux?

  • Well at least he/she will be able to see the dust that accumulates =)

  • Jim-1

    Cool! Literally :)