Watch a 550-ton Russian hovercraft land on the beach… as hundreds of Russian vacation there [Video]

That is a Russian Zubr-class hovercraft. At 550 tons and capable of carrying missile launchers, automatic guns, tanks, vehicles, and hundreds of soldiers, it is known as the largest hovercraft in the world. And it just casually landed on a beach where hundreds of Russians were bathing in the sun as if it is no big deal. Only in Russia.

I wonder what the captain of this hovercraft was thinking prior to the landing: Ay mates, let’s go say hi to hundreds of our fellow comrades.

[via Geekologie]

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  • JMJ

    That is one impressive looking machine and, Yes: Russians, in general, are unflappable. Hell, they withstood Hitler with sheer guts and survived Stalin with what-I-don’t-know.

    Besides Americans, of course :), Russians and Australians are the finest people on Earth and make the best and most loyal friends. All are also crazy.