In Russia, hit my car with your car and I’ll smash your mobile phone as revenge


When you’re driving on the road, never do so while texting or having a conversation on your mobile phone. You could trigger an event where your car hits another car, the owner of that car steps out, take your mobile phone and away and smash it into the ground like a badass. At least that is what just happened in Russia.

Check it out:

At first, we thought this was a battle between two men, but after running the Youtube description through Google Translate, we’ve come to understand the mobile phone driver is a woman in a Chinese sedan. There are so many Family Guy moments running through my head right now, it’s not even funny.

Here’s the translated text:

“Woman in Chinese sedan was turning left, do not give way to vehicles moving forward, and just did not work for an accident. Volkswagen driver was unrestrained briskly, took away the woman mobile phone and smashed on the pavement (probably during the maneuver she was talking on the mobile of). Both are wrong.

It is unclear why the woman opened the door, when she saw that it is an angry man …”

It would have been best if Mr. Phone Smasher had kept his anger in check. The good news though, he didn’t once hit her, and only chose to take his anger out on an unsuspecting mobile phone. Imagine the horror she went through when the sight of this angry man walked up to her door. Strangely enough, she panicked and opened the door to come out instead of hiding like I would have done. We blame such actions on nerves.

[via Reddit, image via Photobucket]

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