E-inkey is an awesome key-changing keyboard [Image]





I’d probably buy one if it was ever made for sale. Unfortunately, right now it is just a concept.

[via Aleksander]

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  • John

    It’s coming to production soon www. jaasta.com

  • Peter

    [@Bub] Oh my! According to the (german) Wikipedia entry the price has been € 1670 in 2010. My whole desktop-PC (with monitor, printer and keyboard) was ~ € 850
    This one should become definitely more affordable.

  • [@Mikerman] Agreed, this would be awesome to have.

  • Mikerman

    Way cool–now let’s get it into production and at a consumer-reachable price.

  • Bub

    Sounds like the Optimus keyboard, except with e-ink instead of OLED. Let’s hope it makes it to production, and with a more affordable price than its predecessor.