Wireless external hard drives are here. …Say what?

Yes you read the title properly. Companies, more specifically Imation, are now making wireless external hard drives. Meet the Imation Pro WX:


The Imation Pro WX is a 1.5 TB, 3.5 inch form factor external hard drive that connects to the computer wirelessly (it has a the ability to connect via wire also though). Additionally, to promote the whole idea of backup-files-easily-and-continuously-without-need-of-wires, the Pro WX comes with Mameo Instant Backup for easy and continuous, yet wireless, backups.

Sounds cool doesn’t it? Think about it: the ability to transfer data back and forth, to and from your (external) hard drive without having to connect the hard drive to your computer via a cord. However, things are not all happy-happy in Imation Pro WX land. The Pro WX, as you can see in the image above, still needs a USB port on your computer for the USB adapter, the data transfer rates are nothing to brag about (15 MB/sec max), and it comes with a cool price tag of  (atleast) $449.99. Also, I don’t have the hard drive on hand to know for sure but reading over the specs, I suspect there is no battery in the Pro WX. In other words, the Pro WX is not completely wireless – you need to use an external power supply (i.e. use a power cord).

Nonetheless, this is a nice development. Moore’s law, much?

[via GearLog]

Thanks Samuel!

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