This is a perfect example of why HP is failing [Image]


TODO: Think of something we can sell aside from printers and ink.

[via gilbertsmith]

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  • DoktorThomas™

    HP is becoming as irritating as MSFT, (not)Intuit, Adobe, Gmail, Face(less)Book, (ill)Logitech, and other poorly lead giants. (Not a foreign company mentioned; could that be because they don’t have the thoughtless do-nothing bureaucratic c-level deadheads?
    Oops. Forgot “overpaid” in that list of adjectives.)

    HP significantly cheapened Compaq after purchasing it, apparently to encouraged everyone to build their own PCs. I am on it! No more HP or fako-Compaq PCs for me, especially since they offer only win(h)8 these days. Miss those SONY PCs.

    Every 6 months HP repackages and cheapens their printers’ quality apparently under the belief that the more plastic the more they become like Debtroit’s [sic] Big 3. Ah, not so. In this case more is less, significantly less user satisfaction.

    And in true voodoo fashion, HP continually increases the price of the few grams of dust housed in their evermore complicated plastic and ever-increasing variation of configurations they call “toner cartridges”. Why not one-size fits all? Too simple and cost effective apparently.

    How about that high frustration toner cartridge packaging? You could loose a whole hand opening those. Nice!

    I love the comic section on their toner boxes “2,500 impressions”–in their wet dreams. 650 is closer to truth when not printing photos.

    Recycle an empty? So they can charge me another $100 for a used piece of plastic and some dust? How insulting is that practice? Maybe if they paid me postage and most of the actual manufacturing cost of the original one. I’d rather burn them than help HP.

    While HP is proffering a line of an ever-decreasing quality printers, the also-rans (pick your brand) are significantly less. Some should be cited for fraud for the crap they produce and sell as “printers”.

    And speaking of cheap plastic, (ill)Logitech has that market cornered. One of their cheap plastic keyboards and battery draining wireless mouses is enough for a lifetime of regret. And the rest of their plastic crap… please!

    Bottom line is clear: Don’t patronize any of these stumbling giants any more than you absolutely have to. You’ll enjoy PC’ing a lot more. Of course, could always become an overpriced fruit…

    Buying software from HP? That ain’t never gonna happen.

    NOTE: The D-500 was an awesome bare bones monochrome printer–not laser. Most still work, but not with win(H)8. Why support the good stuff??? ©2013