How to install F-Droid open source software store on Ouya [Guide]

ouyaDo you have an Ouya? Are you a bit bummed out by the lack of GPL apps in the store? With this guide you’ll learn exactly how to install F-Droid, a free and open Source software store for Android. Soon you’ll be able to download all kinds of GPL compliant apps straight to your Ouya.


Before we get started, please understand that some apps just will not work with the Ouya. This is simply a matter of how the Ouya is. There’s nothing we can do to fix certain incompatibilities, but most apps should work just fine. You also need to understand that because F-Droid scans your device for incompatibilities, you may get only a few apps. This is merely a proof of concept, and is not something that should be done if you are in serious need for new, modern apps. This guide is for tinkerers. People that enjoy trying new and interesting things with their devices. If you are in serious need to get more modern apps onto your Ouya, please read this guide on how to install the Amazon App Store to your device. Results may vary.


  • The first step is to download  the F-Droid Store from To do this you need to navigate to ‘Make’, then ‘Software‘, and then select ‘Browser‘. To install the F-Droid Store press the Y button on your controller to show the status bar of the browser, and enter the URL below into the browser

By navigating to this url, the .apk file of the F-Droid Store should automatically download. If it doesn’t, go to in your browser on your Ouya.

  • The second step is install the F-Droid Store. Exit the web browser. Do this by hitting the Ouya Button, scrolling down  to ‘Exit Browser‘ and hitting the O button. After you’ve exited the browser, navigate to ‘Manage‘, then ‘System‘, then ‘Advanced‘, then ‘Storage‘, and lastly ‘Downloads‘. Select the file that says ‘FDroid.apk‘ and hit the O button. Select ‘OK‘ and install it. Once it’s finished, the F-Droid Store will have been installed.

F-Droid can be found by browsing to ‘Make’ and then ‘Software’.

The first time you launch F-Droid it will need to scan your device to see what apps are available for it.



If you like open source software and you own an Ouya, installing F-Droid is something that you should do. It might not have as many apps to offer as application stores like Google Play or Amazon App Store, but what it does do is respect you. For practicality purposes, there might not be a huge reward to installing F-Droid, but its a rewarding process if you’re a fan of GPL licensed software. Enjoy!

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