Pro tip: punching your computer when it is “running slow” will not fix it [Image]


Technically, the owner of this laptop did not punch it — s/he did the hammerhand (aka slammed their fist into the laptop) when it was “running slow”. The end result? Dead keyboard, motherboard, and hard drive. On the bright side, I bet with all that keyboard, motherboard, and hard drive overhead junk gone, the computer is blazing fast now.

[via johnowax]

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  • David Roper

    I once took an AXE to a laptop that was giving me trouble. Right through the screen and then the keyboard. I have learned from Assassins on TV that you have to take the head out to kill one. It worked and I felt better.

    Next will be my iPad, I’m sure.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Hello? Tech support? Yeah, ummmm…. my laptop stopped working. The keyboard is kinda bent, and the case looks cracked. I dunno what happened… I was calmly checking my email, went to get some milk, and found it like this when I got back.

    What’s that? Yes, I did try turning it off and back on again…