Restore useful features to Firefox that were removed in new versions with SettingSanity [Tip]

Firefox has changed. It’s not the same user-oriented browser it was… at least not completely. I still like it and it’s still my main browser but lately Mozilla has been more worried of thinking about new features instead of maintaining their releases fast and stable.

One thing that did really bother me is the fact they removed some functions from Firefox, especially because these where features that affected directly to the user experience.

With the Firefox 23 release,  Mozilla removed three configurations from the Options menu. Those were the convenient “Load images automatically” and “Enable JavaScript” check-boxes from the Content panel, and “Always show the tab bar” in the Tab panel.

Fortunately, a user under the nickname RealityRipple created an add-on called SettingSanity which returns these characteristics to the Options menu without having to go through the impractical about:config every time we want to activate or deactivate any of the features.


SettingSanity Firefox add-on can be downloaded from here. Using it is pretty straightforward: We install the add-on, restart Firefox and see the options available again.

The following are screenshots of the Options pages before installing SettingSanity in Firefox



And then we got the restored check-boxes just as they were on pre-23 editions.



Here are some comments from the developer:

The Content panel sees a return to the ever-useful “Load images automatically” and “Enable JavaScript” checkboxes, along with their respective “Exceptions” and “Advanced” buttons and dialogs. The Tabs panel gets its “Always show the tab bar” checkbox back, and support for the config “browser.tabs.autoHide” preference is returned to normal.


This is a simple add-on that I wanted to share because if there’s one thing I hate is to deprive the user of basic and useful options, especially when they’re related with the way we discover the web.

This is an add-on that restores features I have constant interaction with. When I’m lurking on the web and suddenly I discover a new site I don’t know if it’s totally safe, I uncheck the “Load images automatically” option so I won’t run into some picture that’s not safe for work. Same way I do with the JavaScript one.

Now if you didn’t know how to get back these options or you didn’t even care about them but suddenly you feel the desire of being in control, SettingSanity is the way to go. Check it out.

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  • AT

    Good addon. Might make me use FF more often now that I have regained some control over the browser.

  • CJ Cotter


    The download link you provided goes to a Spanish language page, which I don’t understand. Here’s the English download page:

  • Alejandro Longoria

    [@CJ Cotter] Hey CJ Cotter, I didn’t see your comment before posting, sorry.
    Yours is a more user-friendly link. The one I posted is Mozilla’s ftp site.

  • Alejandro Longoria

    [@Steve] They’re all in here:

    Look for your favorite version and navigate to the win32 folder to get the installer. Also choose the en-US folder if you want Firefox in american english.

  • Down with Mozilla

    Firefox has sucked since probably 1.5. Their race to release is disgusting and has caused me, a user for many, many years, to abandon them. IMHO every release they issue breaks something valuable, and they show no deference to hugely popular add-ons that are irretrievably broken by their ridiculous new releases, which could easily be better designed to fix security problems rather than add useless new “features” while breaking useful real features and putting the burden on the 3rd party companies who have to keep up. Again IMHO, they have been taken over by mindless “Oh, bright shiny object” “Oh, my favorite thing” dumb lab retriever morons with 24 hour (12 hour?) beta releases.

  • CJ Cotter


    That’s an easy request. One word: FileHippo.

    The oldest they have is Firefox 1.0 and every release since.

  • Steve

    Maybe we should hunt for earlier versions and, if found, post the URLs of their locations here.

  • Steve


    YES! I had to reset it twice in one week. First, “save image as” wouldn’t work. The second time, my emails “went crazy.”

    And, of course, after reset one has to reinstall add-ons.

  • Chuck

    I’ve got problems with flash player “choking” on pages with heavy content.Popping the Cancel or Continue window Major PIA Happening on like 8 PC’s in my house.Going to Old Apps and installing 21 on them all

  • Zapped Sparky

    Maybe they should have a little box when updating that says “X is going to be removed, Y is being moved. To accept the changes click yes. To keep your browser as it is currently click no”

  • visormail

    Yes, it’s general.

  • Kathryn

    Anyone else having stability problems since FF 23.0.1 where you get ‘non-responding’ when scrolling or page to page?