This is what happens when you try to install Windows 95 on a modern laptop [Image]


The laptop in question is an Acer netbook, and it has no floppy drive. So how Windows 95 setup is detecting a floppy drive is beyond me… but then again, the operating system is over a decade old, so, yeah.

[via Skylerk99]

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  • stephan

    win95 looks for drives with removable media, and recognizes floppys, cds, and USBs as that

  • Merlin

    The startup diskette drive actualy was the A drive. The B drive was an eventual second diskette drive one could add to the system.

    Windoze 95 already came on a CD. It had a startup diskette though, just like Win98 afterwards.
    Maybe the setup has detected the (bootable) usb stick and asumes that it is the A drive.
    In that case removing the usb stick would be enough to continue the setup.

  • It would be funnier if the error message said “I’m sorry Dave. I can’t do that.” =)

  • Mags

    This is just an assumption.

    Back in the 90s floppy drives were still included as part of all pc hardware. Floppy drives were automatically given B drive.These days A and B drives are no longer used for the original purpose for which they were intended.

    The assumption on my part is that either the person doing the installation has a partition or another hard drive that was given B as its designation. Or the Win 95 that he/she was trying to install had originally been on floppy drives and was telling the installer to remove the last floppy from the drive.

    Whenever someone started up a pc and a floppy was in the B drive the pc would pop up a message that it should be removed before you could continue to start Windows. It wasn’t like today where a pc would automatically go to the next item on the list to start Windows.