I wonder if this guy still has a blind spot while driving [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Maybe they aren’t really mirrors but rather missile launchers in disguise.

[via Facebook]


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  • J C Graham

    Wonder how sunrise/sunset looks in his rearward view?

  • Merlin

    They aren’t realy mirrors.
    They are holders for all of his smartphones.
    Never miss a call. ;-)

  • RogueBase

    I was thinking more Rocky Horror, but Quadrophenia works for me too. Damn, I’m old….sigh

  • etim

    [@Jeff S] Yup–ya beat me to it.

  • Jeff S

    One word ‘Quadrophenia’

  • If it was me, I’d have most of them aimed to reflect the high beams of the idiot behind me right back in his eyes.

  • Machar

    In the 1960s in the UK scooters (Lambrettas and Vespas mainly) with multiple mirrors and other chrome accessories were quite common. Extra decoration, like the tails (no raccoons in Britain, so probably made from rabbit fur), were optional. The people riding them were Mods, as opposed to the Rockers who rode motorbikes. The other essential accoutrement for a Mod was the parka coat. I’m sure there’s Wiki info on the subject, including the occasional bouts of extreme violence between the two ‘tribes’, usually at seaside locations at holiday weekends.

    Ahhh… the good ol’ days…

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Not to pick nits, but it’s not a motorcycle this guy is riding; it’s a Lambretta scooter. The whole thing is a little odd, at any rate, with a Union Jack and racoon tails on the aerial.

  • Blindspot is, he can’t see the road in front of him or the curb. I wonder how much extra gas is used because of wind resistance too.