This poor keyboard needs a vacation [Image]


I wonder how much abusive typing it must have taken to do that to the keys. I’ve never done that to any of my keyboards, and I use my computers, as my wife would say, 24/7.

[via mmseng]

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  • oldtimer56

    Gamer keyboards looks like that also, well mine does. Hmm, he might be on their payroll, Wildcat!

  • WildCat

    How did you get a pic of my keyboard?!?! Is Ashraf working for NSA now??? In actuality, I think mine is worse.

  • KMHamm

    My girlfriend is a transcriptionist. you can’t even see her fingers when she’s working, she’s that fast. And her keyboard looks a lot like this one. And she can carry on a conversation while working, which I find extremely difficult to do. I’m afraid to ask her what planet she’s REALLY from…..