Someone buy me this house [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I am taking donations for Ashraf’s buy-me-a-rich-man’s-or-woman’s-house fund.

[via Facebook]

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  • yoooo

    looks like something from imvu

  • RogueBase

    HEY! I have that exact same Livingroom collection for Sims 3!!

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@JonE] My thought as well – too modern. And too beige. Ugh…

  • sal

    Ashrafs home. Ashraf makes too much money!!!

  • JJ

    How much to heat or cool it.

  • How much are the taxes?

  • jayesstee

    Nice for an Airport Lounge, a bit OTT for a home.

  • JonE

    Oh Yeah; Really? And who is going to clean that monster? Mrs. Ashraf; I’m sure she’d have something to say about that.

    I must admit it looks like a nice house, from what I see of that room, but alas, a bit too modern for me.