Mindblowingly beautiful Switzerland [Wallpaper]


I can see why Switzerland doesn’t like to participate in wars — such beauty is better when not blown to pieces.

Click above for 2560×1440 resolution or click via link below for higher/lower resolutions. Also, be sure to check out Bgcall automatic wallpaper changer for Windows to help you use all the amazing wallpapers featured on dotTech.

[via Robin Kamp]

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  • JMJ

    [@Tom] As a formal-religious-schooled, life-long student of God and religions who is now a convinced Agnostic, [pun intended]:

    God! I hope you’re right. :-)

    If you’ve never seen this, take a look at this beautiful, misty-eye-making documentary that further indicates just how wrong I must be, “Queen of Trees”:

  • Tom

    The heavens scream of a creator God

  • JMJ

    Switzerland is beautiful, no doubt, but the real reason they have eschewed war and been so “peace loving” is because [TROLL ALERT] it’s much more profitable helping mass-murderers, pilagers and international criminals hide their blood money.