Valve’s Gabe Newell will provide more info on Steam Box next week


Valve has been very quiet on its plans for is very own video game console based on the popular Steam platform. The console, which goes by the name Steam Box, has been a no show at E3 and Gamescon, probably due to the battle between Microsoft and Sony. So, what’s next for this box and when will Valve release more info? We got you covered there champ.

According to Valve’s boss, Gabe Newell at LinuxCon 2013, the company plans to share more information about the Steam Box next week, though it is not certain if Valve plans on showcasing the hardware alongside a few games in motion. Furthermore, Gabe touts Linux as the future platform for gaming due to the closed nature of Windows and the decline in PC sales.

Strangely enough though, despite the fall in PC sales PC gaming has not suffered a hit, which should be enough to silence those who regularly claim PC gaming is dead among other things.

“I think we’ll see significant market restructuring or exits by top five PC players. It’s looking pretty grim,” said Newell. “On the other hand, PC gaming seems to have been immune to this downturn.”

Furthermore, Newell added that there are 198 Steam games available on Linux right now. All we can say is, if Valve wants Linux to become the go to spot for PC gaming, then the company must work harder at making every title on Steam available on the platform. In addition, just hurry and show the world what the Steam Box looks like along with a price before it gets buried by the Xbox One and the PS4.

[via YouTube, image via Valve]

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