Grand Theft Auto V is so detailed that iOS, Android, and Windows Phone make an appearance (kind of)


Grand Theft Auto V will probably go down as the fastest selling video game ever. The game made $800 million in its first 24 hours of availability, but that kind of success didn’t come without a price. The game cost an estimated $260-300 million to make, which is more expensive than some expensive Hollywood blockbusters. The hard-working folks over at Rockstar made sure to cram the game with all sorts of things to do, and a ton of detail to boot.

So much detail, in fact, that the in-game cellphones you use in the game might look a little familiar to you. Kotaku spotted that¬†each of the three protagonists in the game uses a different phone with a different operating system. If you look closely, it’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone. While they didn’t copy the design outright for obvious reasons, the attention to detail for such a small aspect of the game is really impressive.

Especially because Trevor, who is kind of a crazy nutjob, uses Windows Phone. Well played, Rockstar. Well played.




[via Kotaku]

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