@Seamus McSeamus – Nope, couldn’t be that. Grasshoppers are notorious nudists.

    @Daniel Lovejoy – You know that Bruce Lee was originally to play that role but the T.V. execs believed America was still too racist to accept a Chinese main character. Some years later, Bruce got the supporting role in T.V’s *The Green Hornet*.

    @Ashraf – Don’t feel bad. At least you know your Big Cats, eh?

  • Ashraf

    This is why I run a tech blog and not a nature blog, LMAO! Fixed, thanks all.

  • Mags

    [@larry] [@micksmixxx] [@etim] You all beat me to it. LOL

    Ashraf, you really need to get to know what animals and insects are what. LOL

    [@Daniel Lovejoy] I remember that show!

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    From an old tv show starring David Carradine. They are referring to that character, rather than the name of the insect.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Perhaps it’s a grasshopper in a praying mantis suit? Halloween is right around the corner…

  • etim

    Yup, sure is.

  • micksmixxx

    I second what larry has stated, it’s a praying mantis, NOT a grasshopper.

  • larry

    it is a praying mantis not a grasshopper