Who wants to wipe their butt with this $1.3 million roll of gold toilet paper? [Image]


Sold by the Toilet Paper Man from Australia, this roll of toilet paper is made of 22 carat gold and costs roughly US$1.3 million per roll. Oh and it is hand delivered with a bottle of champagne.

I wonder if it can be recycled or is one-use only.

[via Geekologie]

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  • kevbo

    Hmm. Exactly what is meant by ‘hand delivered’?

  • Someguy

    I bet some rich person is saying “22 carat?? No wonder it’s toilet paper!”

  • Mary

    “What’s in YOUR bathroom?”

    I wonder if they’ll deliver it with beer instead of champagne? :D

  • etim

    And the shiny cling-ons leave nice highlights to your underwear’s skidmarks!

  • [@David Roper] And todays Caffeine Spray On Screen award is presented to – – David Roper!

    Good one indeed =)

  • Susanne

    [@David Roper] Good one! I managed to spill coffee on only the cat in my lap, but missed the keyboard.

    My only thought on seeing this? Ouch.

  • David Roper

    I have done this , only I used cheaper Reynold’s wrap. Same effect.