Angry gamer smashes monitor after screwing up in video game [Video]

Yes, he really should stop playing that game. And enroll into anger management classes.

[via pr0grammer]

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  • JonE

    Some Peoples Kids . . . . . . . Moron!

  • WildCat

    “Looks like I’m retired.”…

    No, looks like you are RETARDED!

    Besides the fact that this kid is a total asshat, I do have to say that he has some pretty amazing hand/eye coordination.

    Makes you wonder though… Does he get mad at his keyboard also when he wears one out with all that “banging”?!?!

  • Ed

    I hope he bought it himself, otherwise if I was his parent he would be picking pieces of monitor out of his ass for about a month.

    Spoiled Punk needs a SERIOUS ass whooping.

  • Jennifer

    Wow, that kid needs some serious help.

  • etim

    It’s OK. Mommy will buy you a new one.