What if the Moon were as close to Earth as International Space Station? [Video]

Our Moon is 384,400km (238,855 miles) away from Earth. The video above shows you what the Moon would look like if it were only 420km (260 miles) from Earth, the same distance that the International Space Station is.

[via Geekologie]

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  • JonE

    [@jayesstee] Agreed! I can’t imagine having the moon that close; it would make me nervous, but on positive side we’d be able to get a much better look at it without magnifying devices.

    But 260 miles (420Km) is just too close for comfort. At current speed limits, in my part of the world, it would take me, just shy of, three and three quarter hours to travel that distance in my earthly, gas guzzling vehicle. By contrast, at the highest posted speed limit in the United States (85 MPH), and driving 10 non stop hours a day it would take me 281 days to reach the Moon, if it were possible. If I started that trip today I wouldn’t arrive until sometime around 28 July 2014, or after. Of course we know it’s not possible so lets not talk about gas and food.

    Even at 238,855 miles away the Moon is still really close to the Earth compared to other astral objects. 260 miles is just too close for something that big. My nervous opinion.

  • etim

    Think of the billboards! (You know they’d try, anyway.)

  • jayesstee

    Think of the tides!