How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [Guide]

Unroot Note 3Unrooting your device means restoring it to the original stock firmware and removing all mods and hacks you installed after rooting . In this article , we will show you how you can easily unroot your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back to the stock firmware and erase all the contents on your device .


Unrooting your device will remove all the data so make sure you take a back up before you begining the process .

Note : We will not be held responsible if you’re device is bricked/damaged during the process . Read the instructions carefully

Devices Compatible : 

Galaxy Note 3 :

  • SM-N9005
  • SM-N900 Octa-core
  • SM-N900T T-Mobile
  • SM-N900V Verizon
  • SM-N900P Sprint
  • SM-N900W8 Canadian

Requirements :

1 . Put your device into Download Mode

Step 1 : Switch off and unplug your device

Step 2 : Now hold down Volume Down , Home and Power button all at the same time . Release it when the screen turns on or a warning message appears

Step 3 : Press Volume Up button to enter download mode and connect your device via Micro-USB cable

2 . Unroot your Galaxy Note 3

Step 1 : After downloading the Odin zip file , right click and extract all the contents

Step 2 : Once done , open Odin . You should see a yellow or blue box at top left corner . In case you dont see a yellow/blue box , download and install Samsung USB Drivers . The screenshot below step 3 doesnt show a yellow/blue box because I haven’t connect my Note 3

Step 3 : Click PDA  and select tar.md5 file you extracted earlier from the downloaded stock firmware then click Ok

Step 3

Step 4 : Make sure only “Auto Reboot” , “PDA” and “F. Reset Time” are ticked . Do not touch anything else

Step 5 : Click start and let the program finish the process

Once done , you’ll see a “PASS!” message in Odin program . In case you get a “FAIL!” message , retry the process or change the USB cable .

3 . Put your device into recover mode

Once you have done the above steps successfully and your device switches back on , you’ll recognize that your apps/photos etc . were not removed . If you only wanted to restore to the stock firmware then skip the recovery mode steps mentioned below and do not perform them . But if you want to erase all contents on the phone including apps and photos then follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Switch off your phone and hold down Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time until you see a “Recover Booting” message

Step 2 : Now choose “wipe data/factory reset” to erase everything on your phone and choose “Yes” and “Reboot System Now” . Wait until the reset is complete and your phone reboots.


If you follow the steps properly , your device will successfully reboot and return back to the stock firmware without anyone realizing that you had rooted your Note 3 . If you face any problems during the process , leave a comment .

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  • Alex b

    Ive tried the steps above and keep getting a fail message. Tried diffrent cables even restarting the phone a couple times before retry and keeps on failing. Help please

  • Ryan

    I just tried to unroot with Odin, and it says FAIL. I tried the differenct USB ports on my laptop, but no luck. So the screen still shows Downloading..Can you advise me what I should do?

    I know I shouldn’t have done that, but I tried to turn it off and turn it on, and it shows error message saying “firmware upgrade encountered an error…” So I turned it off again, and went to the downloading mode. So it’s now showing Downlading again..Please HELP!!

  • chahine

    did u get the new open box item from

  • Ahmad

    I just got a brand new (Think it is) Note 3 SM 9005 but i think it had been rooted, I have SUPERSU installed on it and the Knox Warranty seems to be Void 0X1 on download mode, I can’t get updates from Samsung servers, can i reverse all of this by following these steps?

  • chamara

    These steps are working fine on tmobile note 3. and its really helped me to put my phone back to original version. My advise to everybody is, don’t root your phone, don’t use custom roms. they are not better than original version.

  • dimas

    Hi, i have a note 2 came from UEA, and it’s rooted(i bought it from my friend) sadly he know how to root but didn’t know how to unroot n return it to stock or flash it to factory default,, i’ve try to flash it according you’re manual update n the result i had an issue that my note 2 reboot it self, sort word it’s not normal, and i’ve tried several time to flash it but it comes nothing, still get rebooted it self..
    Can you help me to fix it?
    I’m sorry if it out of case,,

  • Jamshed

    visit and u will get ur firmware

  • soko

    Hello there.

    I hv read it all. But i cant download stock firmware sm n9005 xme for malaysia. Terafile cant download. Pls help me put a mirror pls pls. I tried it from samfirmware hundred times but still same problem says up to 1024mbonly. Pls help put a mirror

    Thanks alot

  • Taibo420

    sw rev check fail : [aboot]Fused 2 > Binary 1
    Please Help Fail Fail Fail

  • Alihassan

    [@Mike Lomas] Hey Mike! I’d advice that you don’t flash your phone .

  • Mike Lomas


    This is exactly the solution that I have been looking for.

    However, let me ask you a question first. Here is my situation.
    I previously rooted my Verizon Note 3 successfully. Then I made the mistake of accepting the N900VVRUBMJ7 update and lost root. I want to unroot my device and then reroot it again.

    Do you think that I will have any issues becuase of the MJ7 update on my phone, when flashing the stock firmware as per your instruction?

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Mike Lomas