“The truth about idling a vehicle” [Infographic]


We’ve all grown up hearing that one should idle to conserve gas. But with newer model vehicles, this could no longer be the case.

[via Infographicals]

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  • normofthenorth

    According to this, idling burns gas about as fast as driving at 30 mph. (“2 minutes idling = 1 mile of driving”) To say the least, this does not have “the ring of truth”. And when I drive a mile, I usually have to stop a few times, and I probably go faster than 30 mpg at the fastest. All those factors increase my consumption while covering that mile, even if it takes me 2 minutes to do it. Hard to believe that the car that idled for that same 2 minutes burned as much gasoline, sorry. I wonder which of the endnotes points to the source for that idea. . .

    Plus, the headline — “How turning off your vehicle for 10 minutes can save millions” — gave me the best lol of the day so far! It’s just the sort of orders-of-magnitude confusion that characterizes so much silliness about energy these days. Take “phantom load”, please! Yes, it’s true that there are a LOT of people on the planet, and if you take any trivial quantity that’s not worth thinking about, and multiply it by that many billions, it will LOOK as if it IS worth thinking about — but it still isn’t.