• RogueBase

    [@CJ Cotter] I’ve yet to “chop” my hair off. I’m in my fifties and I’m pretty much thinking that it’ll always be long. Ralph now has taken to his beard like a duck does water. I can’t ever imagine him with out it. Not sure I want to. lol

  • Ashraf

    [@CJ Cotter] My 12th grade English teacher told our class women chopping off their hair after marriage signifies they are no longer available. Then we all asked why he had long hair — an aged, married man — and he started blushing.

    @Everyone: I’m a mix between Advanced Douchebag and Definitely High Right Now.

  • CJ Cotter

    Why is it that as women get older, they start chopping their hair off, while men start growing it on their face? Hair on an old man’s face just makes an old man look older.

    Oh,…..and where do the Duck Dynasty guys fit in on the chart?

  • etim

    They forgot to include a toon for the conformist who scrapes his face every day so he can look like most everyone else…a pre-pubescent little boy.

  • RogueBase

    Hubby is absolutely the High Right Now guy… There ought to be one of these for the ladies Ash.

  • RealBull

    3-day weekender here. Shaving sucks.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Apparently I’m definitely high right now. Mind you, when no-shave November is over, I will be returning to my usual van Dyke.