Junk computer parts at French Polynesia [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I’m not sure about you guys, but I love this picture. I have a drawer dedicated to computer parts such as these. I’m thinking I’m a hoarder now.

[via National Geographic]

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  • Bruce Fraser

    [@Vamien McKalin]

    Re: “yes Mr. Fraser, you jumped the gun…”

    Actually, if you read my original post, it said “IF this is a photo of that…”

    Sigh, another example of conflict in world history: my guess is that 50% of it is due to communication breakdown (such as we have just had, with both of us contributing); and the other 50% is due to pride. Probably some of that going on here, too; again by both of us.

  • J.L.

    [@Fred] Why are you even living? Do you have a positive impact on this planet?

  • Vamien McKalin

    [@Bruce Fraser] Amazing photos are not always things that look exciting and jaw dropping. This is photography, which means some things that might look dull to some is actually exciting for others.

    Now, I agree that no accurate information was posted, which I apologize for. However, nothing was said that stated these old hardware components were dumped carelessly…so yes Mr. Fraser, you jumped the gun and actually thought dotTech would actually post an Amazing Photo of The Day that was taken at an e-waste dumping ground in a third world country.

  • Bruce Fraser

    [@Vamien McKalin]

    “Calm down and take control of your unbalanced emotions”??? Sounds like I hit a raw nerve there.

    Was there anything at all — the slightest hint — in the original post, that this was something other than an e-waste dump? Calling it “Amazing photo” suggests there is something spectacular going on here. What is so “amazing” about a pile of stuff in a school yard? If there had been accurate information in the original post, then yes, my response was over the top. But lacking that, what else was I to think?

  • Vamien McKalin

    [@Bruce Fraser] [@Fred] Both of you need to calm down and take control of your unbalanced emotions.

    This is a photo of old hardware components in a school yard. It’s all on purpose and nothing more. When will some of you guys just stop thinking too much into things and just enjoy the stuff.

    Dumping e-waste is bad, but there’s a time and place to talk about such things and this isn’t the time for that.

  • kevbo


  • Fred

    Fully agree with Bruce… there’s absolutely nothing funny about this photo, except for the shallow minded. Polynesia used to be a paradise… now it’s become a poisonous dumping ground for the stupid and arrogant. Have you ever really wondered what happens to all the crap you throw away simply because you’ve become bored by it? Did you really need it to begin with? Ever step out of your small world to see what’s happening on the rest of the planet? It’s sad what you’re doing…

  • Bruce Fraser

    Some third world countries have become dumping grounds for e-waste. If this is a photo of that, it’s nothing to joke about. The heavy metals and chemicals contained in electronic equipment are not good for the environment. Some of it can be reclaimed and reused, but even that process produces more toxic waste. The people doing the work typically do so without any protection.

  • CompNetTeach

    Actually, I can’t see any computer parts in the photo. They appear to be mostly power supply boards and boards from A/V equipment (e.g. amplifiers, televisions).

  • kevbo

    That’s what my son’s room looks like.