68-year-old bus monitor gets over $700,000 to go on vacation thanks to crowdfunding [Infographic]


Some of you might wonder why the 68-year-old bus monitor got over $700K for her vacation. Now, you can’t blame folks for giving this thing a ton of attention. In my opinion, though, it’s not as important as other things, and folks should cease and desist from attempting to connect with our feelings to raise spending and party money. What happened to the extra over the required $5,000? Did it go to charity or is it in her bank account? Maybe we should send every bullied person on vacation… yeah, why the hell not Internet. Is this the future of crowdfunding? I’d be more in agreement if this money had funded something more meaningful. But hey, it isn’t my money so… (Yes, I’m bitter.)

Great infographic nonetheless.

[via Top Business Degrees]

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