• Shava Nerad

    I actually conditioned my son to remember to brush his teeth by reminding him that he didn’t want to wake up in the morning with the charming taste of bacteria pee in his mouth.

    It worked. He’s only had two superficial cavities in his entire twenty years, and my family runs to weak dental enamel. My own teeth are a mess, at 54 (nearly four years of full-metal-band braces in the 70s didn’t help!).

    I wish my mom had been harder on me (or more geeky about the whole thing!).

  • Vamien McKalin

    [@etim] I’m sorry dude, but I think you’re the confused one here. You mean to tell me, you’ve never cleansed your mouth with soap water and acid? You have no idea what you’re missing out on ;)

  • etim

    “This explains why we have bad breath when we fail to cleanse our mouth with soap water and acid.”
    Huh? Are you confused or is that yet another typo?

    As an aside though, back in the day we often used acid to clean the poop from our psyches.