Two cute baby emperor penguins [Amazing Photo of the Day]

emperor penguin

Two cute emperor penguins going about their day and preparing for the Winter. They’ll grow up one day and be eaten by sharks. I’m sorry, I just killed the moment with reality, forgive me.

[via Bing]

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  • JonE

    And you thought life was rough . . . . . . . While sharks are a natural enemy of Penguins sharks are certainly not anywhere close to being their number one enemy.

    Other birds are by far are responsible for a large number of penguin deaths; for instance the Southern Giant Petrel, which is akin to a sea gull or pelican. Mammals that eat them in the water are predominately Seals (Walrus), Whales (including Orca), and Octopus (the Giant variety, of course).

    While other birds are their main land enemies other land predators, enemies include wolves, and domostic dogs and funny you should mention cats, yes cats.