Very helpful advice for recovering from sickness [Comic]

helpful advice

This is a true down to Earth comic. If I had a dollar for the amount of time I’ve come across folks claiming positive thinking is required in order for one’s sickness or physical pain to go bye-bye… I’d be Mr. Boss and not Minion.

[via 9GAG]

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  • Bruce Fraser

    Comedian Becky Bays has a hilarious sketch on this:
    I have this really annoying coworker who always says, “It’s OK. There was a reason for this. It all works out for the best.” This dismisses the pain that other people are feeling.
    So I said to her one day, “If your husband dropped dead tomorrow, would you still say it all happened for a reason?”
    She said, “Well, Becky, that would be sad, and I would miss him, but it would have worked out for the best. Like maybe God had a better one in store for me.”
    I couldn’t help picturing her at the memorial service, with everyone saying to her, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and she’s saying, “Ah, it doesn’t matter. It’s all for the best. So… what are you doing later?”
    Listen to her here:—its-time-to-laugh-out-loud.

  • Seamus McSeaamus

    A positive attitude alone won’t do squat for you when you’re ill, but having one does usually keep me from being a total bear.