How to add custom background images to [Guide]

Google is the web’s leading search engine that has a somewhat plain background. Google no longer include customization options for the Google search engine background. However, with suitable Opera, Chrome, and Firefox browser add-ons and extensions you can add images of your choice as the background for (and associated country-specific Google search websites.)

With the Google Background Image extension you can add your favorite wallpaper image, or even your own photos, to Google. You can add the extension to your browser from this page. Click the Add to Opera option to add it your extensions. Chrome also has a matching extension that you can add to the browser from this page. For Firefox you can add the Greasemonkey extension with which you can change the background and then add the Google Background Greasemonkey script to Firefox.

We will be discussing the Opera add-on for the purposes of this article but realize that you can do the same thing on Chrome and Firefox.

Open the Opera browser, and select Tools > Extensions > Manage Extensions. That should open a list of your Opera extensions among which is Google Background Image. Click on the spanner icon, and then Preferences to open the window below.

Opera browser extension 1

Then you’ll need to copy and paste the URL of a suitable image into the URL for the background image box. Input an image keyword into Google, such as ‘golf desktop wallpaper,’ and then click the Google Images’ option. That should display a variety of suitable background images. To copy a URL select a thumbnail to expand, right-click the image and then select Image Properties. Then left-click, drag the cursor over the image’s address URL and press Ctrl C to copy.

Opera browser extension 3

Return to the Google Background Image tab, and paste the URL (with Ctrl V) into the URL for the background image box. From the Alignment drop-down list you can select alternative alignments. For large wallpapers select the Single image background layout option. Then the image will be on the Google page as in the shot below.

Opera browser extension 2

To add your own photos to the Google page you’ll need to have some images. If you have a website or blog add some of your own photos to them. Alternatively, you could set up a Picasa Web album.

Overall, Google Background Image is an effective Opera extension with which you can add a variety of desktop wallpaper to the page. Check out desktop wallpaper sites to find some great images for the Google background.

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