Buddy the cat attacks woman in a fit of rage [Video]

Sadly, they had to put Buddy down after he sank his teeth into her forehead like a boss. That’s what you get for kicking snow at Buddy, crazy woman. Seriously, though, what kind of cat is this? If I didn’t know better, I’d say this thing is a spawn of Hades himself. Just look at that video, Buddy has no fear.

We hope that woman is OK… and has learned her lesson: don’t mess with felines. Although, it should be mentioned, she appears to be somewhat of a cat lover. Go ahead dog lovers, flame away.

[via Fox]

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  • Waccobob

    There is nothing positive from that woman’s action. Rescuying a cat, then throwing the cat out in the snow and throwing the snow on him! Of course the cat is dead now and the b…. is back in the warm of her place!!!

  • Merlin

    She rescued the cat from being put to death in the first place, but was foolish enough to tease the cat with that snow.
    It was a stray cat and you never know how those will react to this kind of treatment.
    Please do some research before posting negative comments.
    We have a saying: “if you want to beat a dog, you can allways find a stick.” meaning that it’s easy to be negative. Mostly because one doesn’t know the backgrounds.

  • George_B

    Pity the cat, it was only acting in self defense against a much larger foolish creature bullying it. The cat should’ve been given a medal for bravery, and the vile disgusting woman should’ve been the one “put to sleep”, or perhaps burned at the stake, whatever happens to evil witches these days.

  • Chuck

    Perfect example of animal cruelty.Bitch got exactly what she deserved.Hope it leaves a scar for her to see in the mirror for the rest of her pathetic miserable life.
    Rest well in kitty heaven Buddy.You are a hero to all the abused animals of the world.Die evil bitch !!

  • madbilby

    How did you get an evil cat past Ashraf….. usually all we get are the fluffy-wuffy versions. tee hee…

  • Sherri

    I totally agree, that woman was asking for it.

  • John K

    I venture to suggest that the wrong participant was put down.