Get 6 paid iOS apps for free for a limited time [Dec 21 2013]

There are many apps in the Apple App Store that drop their prices to free everyday. Finding only the best to download is the hard part. I searched through the many freebies and picked out the best apps for you to download. Hand picked and free for a limited time, what could be better! Note : Click the title of the app to download it .

Featured Freebie

The featured freebie is “The Best” app from today’s pick. If you had one app to download, this would be it!

Inspire Pro — Paint, Draw & Sketch (iPad)

inspire proAvailable only on the App Store, Inspire Pro delivers an amazing painting, drawing and sketching experience to your iPad. Our proprietary painting engine Sorcery™, based on OpenGL ES 2.0, takes full advantage of the GPU to render brush strokes with brilliant 64-bit color, laser-sharp sub-pixel precision and incredibly fast speed.

While the strokes of a wet oil paint brush look beautiful on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Graze the canvas with a tiny bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or use stronger pressure to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones!

Whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in-between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of Inspire Pro.

Rating : 4.5/5

Apps Gone Free

1. OldBooth HD (iPad)

Transform your photos into a classical old style photo and find out how would you have looked if you lived during your grandfather’s era .

Rating : 4.5/5

2. Bungee Birds(Universal)

A game where you have to launch the little birds into the air and land them right on the bungee . Pull down the bungee and release it to fling the birds and control them to land them back onto their own color flags on the bungee .

Rating : 4/5

3. Air Pipes – Bagpipes for iPhone (Universal)

Are you a fan of Bagpipes ? Ever wished to play Bagpipes ? Air Pipes will make your wish come true . With Air Pipes, you can learn Bagpipe by blowing into your microphone and holding the buttons to create a tune .

Rating : 4.5/5

4. Talking Santa Carl (Universal)

Carl has put on his Santa costume to celebrate this year’s Christmas . Just like Talking Carl , you can spin , poke , punch and make Carl speak what you say . But in this new version , you can send New Year cards and Christmas cards to your bestie’s with Santa posing with his friends and he can as well help your kid put together his/her Christmas wish list .

Rating : 5/5

5. Pocket Scanner – Scan Images to Encrypted Multi-Page PDFs (Universal)

Pocket Scanner transforms your device into a powerful scanner . Scan your documents, transform them into PDF’s or JPEG and share them via Email, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and more including Air Drop .

Rating : 4.5/5

Hurry and download these free apps before they go back to paid. Take note at the time of this post all of the above promotions are live. However, please note some or all of the above apps may only be available for free for a limited time. So jump on these while you can and always double check to make sure you are not paying for a freebie app before downloading. dotTech and its writers are not responsible for accidental purchases due to price changes. Enjoy!

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