Frozen bubbles in Abraham Lake, Canada [Amazing Photo of the Day]

frozen bubbles

I must admit, I have never seen anything like this before in all the centuries I have been on this planet seeking the Cosmic Cube and all the powers it wields. Awesome stuff right here, too bad Canada is not on the map eh?

I have a feeling I’m about to be flamed.

[via Amazing Pictures]

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  • JMJ

    [@Mags] “Then stand back”, for what??? Every, single Canadian is a cry baby, except for my former-Navy SEAL friend, Bill in Toronto.

    Now, if you were talking about our rowdy Australian friends, that would be a different story.

    Also, youthful, good-natured, intelligent flaming is a good thing. It keeps the pot bubbling and gives people like you and me something to discourse about. So, un-wad your panties, have a nice cup of chamomile tea, watch some SCTV to refresh your sense of humor and RELAX.

    Oh, yeah. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too, My Dear. :-)

  • Mags

    [@Mike S.] “And don’t worry about the Canadian flames–Canadians are just too polite and considerate . . . . ;^)” Up to a point! Then stand back. ;)

    Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of Vamien’s “flame” comments. Every day there is at least one. Time to stop them.

  • Mike S.

    [@JMJ] ;^)

  • JMJ

    Amazing photo find, Vamien. Don’t worry about backlash from Canada… or Australia. Contrary to Seamus McSeamus’ gentlemanly comment, one is only the attic while the other is the cellar for the United States of America and are visited only when ice or shrimp are needed. So, don’t sweat it.


  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@madbilby] Don’t worry, there are some of us who are neither Imperialist nor ignorant who know where Australia is, and have a great deal of respect for it.

  • madbilby

    You think Canadians have problems with Imperialist ignorance…..
    I am in Australia ….. yes ….. there is a place called that….[.hint … it is not in Game of Thrones ]

    Cheers for the New Year …
    .[ it comes earlier for us aussies ]

  • Mike S.

    Absolutely beautiful pic postings today, Vamien! :)

    And don’t worry about the Canadian flames–Canadians are just too polite and considerate . . . . ;^)