“The joys of being a girl in tech support” [Humor]

female tech support

There was no need for this guy to act in such a way towards this female from tech support. It’s obvious that she knows more than him, and is guiding him in the right and proper way. However, he just fails to follow instructions properly. In my part of the woods, we call guys like this “waste men”.

That said, not to sound sexist, but I tend to have a better experience with males in customer service where broadband Internet or my mobile network is concerned. However, I don’t view this as a problem with the females; it’s usually the fault of the company for lack of educating its employees. The reason why males tend to have more knowledge in these areas when it comes to the technical side is because it’s a male dominated industry… men who often don’t feel comfortable sharing knowledge with females in the same way as men.

[via Reddit]

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