Brilliantly stunning capture of the full moon [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Full Amazing Moon in Cable Beach, Broome, WA Australia

It almost seems like it is possible to touch the moon from that position. This photo is truly stunning and something I would love to experience myself. If you’re interested, this is in Broome in Australia. No wonder they call this place down-under. (Don’t flame me.)

[via Google Plus]

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  1. alhall

    Re: The Broome Australia photo:

    This is a photoshop creation.

    The full moon only appears to be that big as an optical illusion when viewed near the horizon.. When you try to photograph the illusion, the full moon always shows it’s true size in the photo.

    A classic proof of the optical illusion is to do a series of exposures of the moon as it rises from the horizon to zenith on the same piece of film through a wide angle lens. When the film is developed all of the lunar disks will be exactly the same size.