How to add Dynamic wallpapers to your iOS 7 device [Guide, Jailbreak]

Dynamic wallpaper is one of the major features of iOS 7 . Apple hasn’t added new dynamic wallpapers ever since iOS 7 was released and the current wallpapers are of the same type except that it’s available in a wide range of colors which is quite boring . However a new jailbreak app called iDynamic has been released in Cydia that adds more dynamic wallpapers to the gallery and it’s available on the BigBoss repo for free . To find out how to add new dynamic wallpapers , follow the steps below .

How to add new Dynamic wallpapers to your iOS 7 device

Step 1 : Open Cydia and tap on the “Search” tab

Step 2 : Search for iDynamic and select it

Step 3 : Once open , tap on “Install” and then “Confirm” to start downloading and install iDynamic .

Step 4 : Once done , iDynamic app will appear on your homescreen .

Step 5 : Launch the iDynamic app and you will notice that it includes a range of dynamic wallpapers , some of which are free and some are paid ones. You can either buy the paid ones for $0.99 or get a pack of 5 dynamic wallpapers for just $1.99 .

Image Source : iPhonehacks

Image Source : iPhonehacks

Step 6 : To add new wallpapers to your Dynamic wallpaper gallery , simple tap on any of the wallpapers you like and you will be presented with a collection of the same type of wallpaper with different colors . Tap on the circular tick button located top right .

Step 7 : Once done , respring your device for the changes to take effect .

Step 8 : Now open “Settings” and go to “Wallpapers & Brightness” -> “Choose Wallpaper” -> “Dynamic” . Select one from the gallery and tap “Set“.

Note : You will notice the the original wallpaper has been replaced with the one you selected . To revert back to the original wallpaper , select the fourth wallpaper from the list in iDynamic app .

You can get iDynamic from BigBoss repo for free . However you have to pay for some of the dynamic wallpapers while the rest are free . Overall , it’s quite a nice jailbreak app and if you’re fed up of the current Dynamic Wallpapers then you must try out this app .

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