Autofill passwords on iPhone 5s with iTouchSecure [Tip, Jailbreak]

topTouch ID has been the main focus of jailbreak developers recently . Over the past few weeks , we’ve seen a couple of tweaks which allow 5s users to protect individual apps using the Touch ID such as BioProtect , Applocker etc . However there’s a new unique tweak in store that offers a much different functionality than many of the Touch ID tweaks we’ve seen earlier . Called iTouchSecure , the jailbreak tweak allows users to fill in Safari, iOS app and App Store passwords using your Touch ID . It provides a quick way of entering passwords and logging into your account .

The developer explained how the process works and where the passwords are saved :

Once you key in your password it will be securely stored in the encrypted keychain where Apple stores your other passwords as well. From then on each time you click that same password text entry again it will show in green and as soon as you touch your home button with an authorized finger the password will be autofilled and even the “OK” button will be pressed for you. It also recognizes different login names.


Upon installing iTouchSecure , users have the ability to enable and disable it from settings . Once you type your password and save it , it will be stored within the keychain . If you want to enter the password next time , simply use your fingerprint and the password is entered automatically within seconds .  If the password box is yellow, it indicates that there’s no saved password and a green box indicates that there’s a password saved . 

iTouchSecure is available on BigBoss Cydia repo for $4.99 .

Via Appadvice

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