Microsoft Security Essentials follows Windows XP to the grave on April 8, 2014


Windows XP is coming to an end in 2 months, but it won’t travel the road of death alone. Apparently, Microsoft plans to send Security Essentials, the company’s anti-malware software, to the grave as well, which means bad news for those who choose to stick around with the old operating system after its demise. It is clear that Microsoft is doing everything in its power to end Windows XP in hopes that folks would just upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

After April 8, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows XP, and apparently Security Essentials for XP is hitting the bucket too. But not to worry old chap, we’re certain there are other options out there. We’re certain Avast still supports Windows XP, but even so, how good is an operating system without future security updates? Just stop being stubborn and upgrade. If you can’t afford to, switch to a Linux Distro. We recommend Ubuntu or Mint.

To clarify, Microsoft will no longer provide updates for Security Essentials nor allow it to be downloaded for Windows XP users. There are no reports that state Security Essential for other versions of Windows is going away, although Microsoft is slowly phasing it out vis-a-vis rebranded Windows Defender from Windows 8 and up.

Both Google and Mozilla will continue to support Windows XP for Firefox and Chrome. Google will support the old dog until April 2015, that’s a year after Microsoft ends its support.

As the operating system dies, it is going out on a strong note. Up to this point, Windows XP holds almost 30 percent market share, which is more than Windows Vista and the troubled Windows 8. Microsoft surely needs to step up its game or risk losing the market altogether.

[via ITProPortal]

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