“You are being watched” [Infographic]


Come here ma boy, for there is something you should know. Guess what? You’re being tracked by the government. *SLAP* Keep it together lad, it’s not the end of the world. Back in my day, we watch the government, not the other way around. Join me boy, let us regain control.

[via Tech Genie]

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  • Some websites will not allow you access if you block supercookies (aka) LSO or flash cookies. Trouble is, aside from the facts mentioned above, they do not expire the way regular cookies do and hold a lot more data about you (an average of 100 kb vs the 4 kb limit on regular cookies). Worse, most browsers can’t even recognize their existence so you can’t delete them with the other cookies.

    I use a Firefox extension called BetterPrivacy and have it set to automatically delete the supercookies every time Firefox closes. You can also set it to prevent them being added in the first place but some websites won’t work without them. Only a very few of those sites actually need them to work, most of them just block you for blocking the cookies.

    This has a few advantages, the first is keeping me from having to do all this manually. Second you can specify which supercookies should not be deleted, such as those that hold your gaming information. Lastly, since supercookies are attached to central files they effect all browsers on your computer so this will protect all your browsers despite being a Firefox plugin. Just run Firefox once in a while to delete the cookies, unless they have a Chrome or other add-on that does the same thing.