Hacker group claims to have hacked Comcast, company tries to downplay incident


Hacker group NullCrew is claiming to have hacked Comcast’s servers next week. The group is claiming to have hacked the company’s webmail servers, gaining Zimbra LDAP and MySQL passwords — it’s likely they have access to the account that manages payment information as well. So if you’re a Comcast customer, it might be time to change your passwords.

Comcast has responded to the claim, but says that “no evidence to suggest any personal customer information was obtained in this incident.” What makes things even worse is that the attack was reportedly made possible by a vulnerability that was dated back in December, and it was also one that is supposedly easy to fix. Turns out the company couldn’t be bothered to do so.

Despite all that, there’s still a chance that the company might be trying to downplay the incident. Either way, it’s best to change your passwords anyway to be safe. You can do so by following the instructions here.

[via ZDNet]

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