CapsLock Warning: A failsafe for notorious Caps Lock-related mistakes

For those that have been following the discussion in the KeyExtender review, Rob – a loyal dotTechie – offered to make his CapsLock Warning program available to other dotTechies. Since then, me and Rob have been discussing the program behind the scenes and have finally come up with a final product ready for everyone to download (well, it was Rob doing all of the heavy lifting… I just tagged along to leech credit =P).

By the name of the program, I am sure most everyone can guess what the program is. However, I will still explain. CapsLock Warning is an simple but elegant program intended to help avert Caps Lock-related problems by displaying a “CAPS LOCK ON” message to users whenever Caps Lock is turned on:

Via the program options (right-click system tray icon -> “CapsLock OPTIONS”), users are given the ability to control where the “CAPS LOCK ON” message is displayed, and how it behaves:

  • TEXT Where on the screen – this setting allows you to select which part of your screen the “CAPS LOCK ON” message will be displayed (top, middle, or bottom).
  • TEXT How often to show it – every time you turn on Caps Lock, CapsLock Warning will display the “CAPS LOCK ON” message once. After that initial display, you can control if you want the message to flash on the screen for you, and if so, for how long. “Never” makes it the message is not flashed again after the initial time. “Five times after…” makes it so the message is flashed five times after the initial display. “Flashes ALL the time…” makes it so the message continuously flashes until you turn off Caps Lock.
  • TEXT Flashing Frequency – this setting control how fast the flashes occur. Take note that this setting also controls how fast the initial flash is displayed so even if you have the previous setting set to “Never”, this setting is still relevant.

In  addition, to the “CAPSLOCK ON” message display, the system tray icon for CapsLock Warning continuously flashes while Caps Lock is on.

If/when you want to turn off CapsLock Warning, all you need to do is right-click the system tray icon, and select “UNLOAD THIS PROGRAM COMPLETELY”.

CapsLock Warning is a portable program, so after downloading it, just unzip it and run CapsLockWarning.exe to use it – there is no need to install. Since it is a portable program, you may place CapsLockWarning.exe in any folder on your computer except for your main directory (i.e. C:/) because it uses a Settings.ini file to save your settings.

After you download the program, please pay particular attention to the Readme because in it there are important instructions in there, such as how to make CapsLock Warning turn on automatically at Windows boot.

Now, as per Rob’s request, CapsLock Warning is available to dotTechies only. In other words, you must be a registered member on dotTech in order to download CapsLock Warning. If you are already a registered member, please login and come back to this post; if you are not a registered member, register, login, then come back here.

NOTE: Rob took his own time to create this very handy program for us. Please respect his wishes. Please do not host CapsLock Warning on any other website/server, and please do not directly link to the file on dotTech. If you want your friends and family to know about and get CapsLock Warning, simply provide them a permalink to this article.

To get CapsLock Warning, simply download it from the following link:

Version reviewed: v1.00

Supported OS: All Windows

Download size: 20 KB

CapsLock Warning download link

Thanks Rob!

P.S. Please provide feedback to Rob in the comments below. For example, if there are any bugs with CapsLock Warning, please say so or if there are any features you want added in CapsLock Warning please say so.

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  • druid9855

    I cannot access the link to the download. Is the program still available?

  • @RobCr: Well I was on Vista/7 for the built in one.

    I’ll take your word on the one you mentioned being perfect on your scale. My goal was more to provide some free programs that, while maybe not as good are good enough if one does not want to pay.

  • RobCr

    Tried the built in one (In XP Pro), and I could only get it to half screen.
    Tried Zoomit, and it is full screen, it does lack some abilities (give it an 8 out of 10).
    The one I mentioned is perfect (10 out of 10), as I can not find anything missing when using it.

  • @RobCr: They ZoomIt do both of those and the built in one can only go full screen. While using both though if you zoom in you can’t click on anything, don’t know if the program you uses can so that might not be an issue.

  • RobCr

    Can either of those be set up like I described above –
    a) Fullscreen
    b) Easy keyboard shortcut (or, I could live with an easy left single click of a Sys Tray Icon)

  • @RobCr: What about the magnifier built into Windows? That properly enlarges things?

    As for a free magnifer, what about sysinternal’s ZoomIt? It’s really ment for presentations but can also be used just to magnify things.

  • RobCr

    I will look into it.
    In the meantime I have a suggestion that may assist you.
    I have a 21″ monitor (CRT 4:3) which I run at 1024*768
    My aging eyes really would prefer 800*600, however some applications are not very tolerable(don’t fit well) at that resolution.
    So what I have done is made total screen magnification, a simple keystroke.
    If I wish to magnify something, I press Ctrl + Windows Key.
    That gives me 2x magnification of the whole screen.
    I then move the mouse to ensure that the area I am interested in is visible.
    To illustrate what I mean –
    If the mouse was top left corner, then the top left quarter of the desktop, now fills my screen.
    If the mouse was bottom right corner, then the bottom right quarter of the desktop, now fills my screen.
    To turn off the magnification, I just press Ctrl & Windows key again.

    MS should have built that in, instead of their very unclean solution of just making the text bigger (agh!).

    To be able to do what I do, you will need Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8 (or later).
    They do have a free earler version, but I doubt that you(or me) can set that version up, as I described above.
    I got mine from a GOTD offer.
    If you have to buy it, it is $25 US.
    They have a 30 day trial, so we can get yours set up properly, to see if you like it, during that 30 days.

    If you wish to try this, give me a yell, and I will screen print all my settings, for the program (It’s default is an irritating small window, like so many other magnifiers).


  • Sunny


    I’ve just downloaded your neat little tool. Thanks for your effort and for offering it here.
    I’ve only just started working with it but already finding it cool and useful.

    I’m not sure if you want to develop it further but, if so, an enhancement could lie in offering several visual signalling options to the end user.

    For example, the graphic you currently have, and a couple more quite different  options. One such could be a bright red smallish sphere which could be blinkable and have colour options.

    I’d personally find that more user-friendly than the quite large existing graphic which tends to obliterate quite a bit of my work wherever it’s positioned. (Must add here that it may only appear over-sized on my screen as I have my screen customisations set up in a special way to assist my eyes)

    A small blinking sphere, for example, that could ALSO be positioned in any of the corners or in various places around the edges of the screen would be out of the way yet still eye-catching.

    Perhaps a third shape could also be offered. Well the possibilities are endless aren’t they – shape, colour, positions, etc.

    Just a thought Rob, FWIW. 

  • RobCr

    Hi Ashraf,
    I have posted Below to the current GOTD web page.
    If it gets through the moderator, you might be swamped with new members.
    Ashraf of DotTexh who reviews GOTD software regularly, has this available.
    It is a FREE program that gives these warnings when Capslock is on –
    – Visual (trust me, it is not a PIA)
    – Sound (You can choose pitch and duration)
    – Visual and Sound
    You can set which type of warning you get.
    The program is portable, and uses negligible resources.
    The author has kindly donated it to Ashraf’s members.
    If you become a member, you too can get it free.
    If you have trouble with that link, then do a Google for –
    CapsLock Warning: A failsafe for notorious
    The author has recently built in NumLock warning as well.
    You might care to nag Ashraf, to ensure that he has the latest version, prior to your download. (Though since it does not need installation, it is a ‘piece of cake’ to switch to a later version.)
    It does not have case toggling built in, as you never need it after you start running that program. However if any of you still feel that you need that ability, you could raise it on the forum. (I know the author better than anyone, so I am sure he would build it in.)
    PS For those that say Windows can give you an audible warning, that is only of use if you accidentally hit the Capslock key.
    However it does not cater for the situation where you deliberately turned it on, then forgot to turn it off. The above program caters for both scenarios.

  • RobCr

    Managed to get a copy to ttfitz

    For the other members who would like a copy of the new program, for testing.

    When I was younger I was called Bobby, and I was in Scotland, so you could have called me BobbyScotland

    I have just created a gmail account that you can write to.
    I can then reply with the BETA version attached.


  • RobCr

    I have had an attempt to contact your gmail.
    (I may need my ex genius bosses to help me ?)

    For the others, I have sent a copy to Ashraf.
    If enough of you ‘put your hand up’ he may be tempted to either –
    – Create a separate link for Beta version
    – Incorporate the BETA zip that I have sent him, inside the present zip. (thus there would be another zip inside the download zip. Members can ignore it, or unzip it to place into the numwarn folder.)

    I would imagine the latter would be the simplest/quickest for Ashraf.

  • ttfitz


    I would be happy to try it out if you like. I have a Gmail account, with a user name that should be pretty easy to figure out.

  • RobCr

    It now has Color selections.
    It now has Beeps, and you can set Duration and Frequency(Pitch).
    It now can be set to watch Numlock ON or Numlock OFF

    I would create another folder called say ‘numwarn’ and place a copy into there.

    Who would like to test it ?

    Ashraf, should I send it to you, so members can download it ?
    Could we have a Beta link, until we are happy with it ?

    Haven’t gone to bed yet,

  • RobCr

    Hi @Orchid:

    Beep should be possible
    Will offer Colors in Settings

    An ability to get it, to the members who have suggested changes, would be desirable, as they would be the best to pre-test it, prior to Ashraf changing the official download.
    I have never used PM
    It would be good if Ashraf’s site, offered members the ability to email other members.
    The first email would say come to me, from say you, via Ashraf’s host.
    You could include your real email in that message, so that we can start emailing direct.
    A lot of sites that I am subscribed to, handle initial member contacts that way, so I am sure there would be other ‘non Rob’ uses for that ability in the future.


  • Orchid

    Greetings RobCr,

    The way you just explained it sounds pretty good…IMO. Adding the option to choose different colors would be great as well. Depending on the person and situation, not all colors are viewable or work well.

    Some colors I’d suggest outside of the main one that you already have coded in would be:

    Grey, Red, Green, Black (Bold Colors that would stand out or Bold colored text on a lighter background)

    As far as how to get it to members, possibly discussing with Ashraf to have it available here, maybe as a separate version or simply an updated one?

    Having those interested in getting it PM you with their email addy to receive it.

    Or…..posting or sending the link to where it can easily be downloaded from (such as a file hosting/sharing site).

    I’m not a coder but I can see how limiting the options and what they affect is needed. Would love to be able to offer assistance if I knew coding lol.

    At any rate….you may want to ask for volunteers to test out whatever options and changes you add/make. That might help you find things faster and easier with a variety of systems it may be used on.

    A forum area could possibly be setup to assist with it?

    I do have a question if you don’t mind…..

    Would adding an option to have a system beep or something similar be difficult to add in as part of the warning process?

    Those that are visually impaired in some way might find it easier to have the sound along with or instead of the visual cues. (I seen it mentioned somewhere around this about color blindness previously if I recall correctly). However not being a coder I have no idea on the complexity of having that option available.

    I’m very happy with the program you’ve given us. It’s worked great and I’ve had zero problems using it. Saves time and is a great help!

    A huge Thank You! :)

  • RobCr

    How does this sound –
    The Settings dialog, allow one to choose between Capslock and Numlock.
    If Capslock is chosen, the assumption is only Alert when Capslock on (like the present version).
    If Numlock is chosen then one must choose between Alert when ON, or Alert when OFF.

    One member (Emrys, Posts 12 and 22) asked for Grey, which is now coded into the program.
    I was going to avoid showing that choice in the Settings dialog, and just describe how to add a text line to Settings.ini
    Would you like the color choice to be shown in the Settings dialog ?
    Would you like additional color choices ?
    Say Yellow, Red, Green.

    Would other members like to –
    a) Chip in on this (agree to changes) ?
    b) Get their hands on it ?
    Which raises the question, how do I get it to you ?
    (Or to all, if they are interested ?)


  • ttfitz


    Thanks for looking at this. In the vein of “beggars can’t be choosers”, I’d be happy with whatever was easiest for you to do.

    I suspect the easiest thing is going to be a parallel program to the CapLocks one, and I’d be fine with that. If it had the same sort of options available, that would work well, as I could experiment on what location and frequency worked best for me.

    I should also note that this would be the opposite in one aspect of the CapsLock notice – I think most people would want to be warned when the NumLock is OFF, rather than when it is ON, like with CapsLock.

    Oh, and I agree with your ex-genius IT bosses, while that might be nice, it would be much too specific to one situation, mine.


  • RobCr

    @Ramesh Kumar:
    Technically yes.
    However someone would have to take the time to describe the Needs and the Rules.
    And they should describe what they expect to see when they are both firing.
    If someone on paper could describe livable with (from the user perspective) scenarios, then I suspect it could be programmed.

    I think whoever takes the time to investigate the worst case scenario (both firing at same time), will also lean towards twin identical programs (two copies of the same pgm), each of which can have their settings tweaked.
    If it was all in one program the Settings dialog would have too much complexity, for the members who just wanted to use it for CapsLock.

  • Ramesh Kumar


    Just out of interest; not out of need.
    Cannot one program cover both “Caps Lock”
    & “Num Lock”


  • RobCr


    On the assumption that I can detect Numlock status (which I believe I can), can you describe how you would like it to function ?

    Do you run that program for long periods, or just briefly ?

    Here are some possible solutions (while I am awaiting your description of what you would like) –

    You could have a separate program, which would be virtually the same program, except it would detect Numlock instead of CapsLock.
    It would be the same pgm, which would replace the one on Ashraf’s site. There would be a setting to say Numlock instead of CapsLock, so you would have the same pgm in two different folders, with that different setting for each.
    We could use a different colored Icon with a N instead of a C.
    The text alert, could be a different color.
    I have already built in the ability for Grey for one of the members, but have not heard back from him. So you could set the Numlock to grey, or another color if you describe what you would like.

    The frequency of the alerts may need to be different.
    I guess what would ‘rock your socks’ would be similar frequency to CapsLock, BUT only when that pesky pgm of yours, is not running.
    This latter suggestion, is a bit ‘over adapted’ as my ex genius(rare praise from me) IT bosses used to say.
    What that would mean is, that functionality would not be desired by all of the other members.

  • ttfitz


    You asked about suggestions – while I find this program very helpful for those accidental CapsLock hits, I find I could use something similar for the NumLock key – I’d like to get notice that NumLock is OFF. I have a program that I use rather regularly that doesn’t like NumLock (it uses the keypad for some functions), so I turn it off, but then completely forget to turn it back on when I’m done. A reminder of some kind would be nice.

    Don’t know if that is workable here, but I’d love to see it.

    Thanks for your work on this.

  • @RobCr: True, a very good point.

    @Ramesh Kumar: Burn-in is was a common problem with LCDs when they first came out, now a days if your LCD gets a burn-in it’s a very bad LCD.

  • Ramesh Kumar


    Wow! Smooth installation; Adequate features; Works smoothly, Useful readme file too. Just 3 clarifications:- :)

    1)”CAPSLOCK ON” i.e. the text is written not in halftone but as a flat colour aka mono tonality of a darker shade of blue. The background to the text is a vignette i.e. it is not mono shade but a halftone. Clarification I seek is – When a mono shade, especially a dark mono shade keeps flashing does it eventually create screen burn or hassle screen pixels at that fixed location of the screen? Does it eventually create a permanent dead pixel at that flash point on the screen over a period of time? If yes then should the text also be in halftones just like the background is? This is actually a colour query aka software query but relating to the impact upon hardware. :)

    2)If repeated flashing does create screen burn &/or dead pixel then should the TEXT POINT rather than being allowed to flash only on one fixed location be actually allowed to travel on the screen – not continually but at least after a couple of flashes at least? Again a software query but wrt impact upon hardware :)

    3)In our forum could you please visit the thread “Correcting for Colour Blindness” just to enquire if the colour scheme used can also be seen by the colour blind? I noticed that one such person answered in this thread. But that one person did not want this app simply because his laptop flashed if Caps Lock was on. Therefore that one person may not even have seen this app. Besides maybe other colour challenged people may have different feedback to give. Therefore requesting you to visit that thread in the forum.

    5% of the world is colourblind RobCr. Maybe 5% of dottechies too! :( I have faith in you RobCr. I fondly remember your saying that you are a good Samaritan. I am sure you are. We struck a chord even at that time & thread. Remember?
    I think dead pixel problem is higher in laptops.

    Ramesh :)

  • RobCr

    I believe the only dependency is the VB6 runtime, which MS kindly has placed into all XP, Vista, and Win 7 computers.
    Thus as long as I avoid other dependencies, I do not need to create an Installable version of my programs.
    It is one of the few remaining things I like about MS.

  • @RobCr: You do realize that VB, even pre .NET has dependencies?
    I do understand and for the most part agree with your point.

  • RobCr

    Yup, it was VB6
    I was learning VB back in the days when Windows was 16 bit, and I did what most would do and used all sorts of dependencies.
    Then MS released the 32 bit version of windows (and VB), and all my projects were a disaster zone.
    I vowed then, to avoid dependencies like the plague.
    Thus the ‘no install required’

  • @Joji: “He used VB6 I believe.” – Ashraf

  • Nice… what did he use? Microsoft C++ to make it?


  • RobCr

    I managed to get my 5th attempt through, by avoiding inclusion of web links.
    PS I wrote to Ashraf direct, and also mentioned a couple of posters were having trouble getting their ‘Join’ notifications back.
    I just noticed one of them received their reply, so I assume Ashraf is working on both problems.

  • @RobCr: I had a problem like that on replying to the posts on my ‘EU’ thread. Ashraf figured out that it was that WordPress thought my my posts where spam for some reason. If that’s it Ashraf should be able to unspam them.

  • RobCr

    I am attempting to reply to one of the other threads, and they do not appear.
    Free O&O DriveLED 3
    (I did not post the link, as my other attempt has links, and they may trigger the problem ? ?)

    Anyone else having trouble ?

  • @Ashraf Now i wrote you a mail but you didn´t write back yet.

  • Orchid

    Thanks RobCr. You’ve created a nice little app. I downloaded it and found it quite useful.

    While I have a small light that illuminates when my CapsLock is on, it’s not always noticeable. This saves me a lot of time and trouble.

    Anyone know if there’s a way to make the keyboard light for just that key flash as well by any chance….or a program that allows you to choose which keys flash?

    I personally keep my NumLock on all the time as I use the keypad regularly. To have a constant flashing of that key would get quite annoying after some time.

    Anyhow, Thanks again RobCr and Ashraf for providing us the opportunity to download a great app. Hope to see more available in the future. :)

    Warm Regards

  • Ozzie

    @Alan: Hey, watch the language! I just read back on the comments and I can’t see where anyone has taken a swipe at your intellect. However, I think you need to work on the attitude.

  • Alan

    I don’t give a about your ramblings. Why would I want to read the body of your text? Please disregard this comment if your reply was not meant as a slam at my intellect.

  • Ed

    @RobCr: Hi Rob: this enhancement would make your application complete. If you type looking down at the keyboard, and you have made a mistake even while the warning is flashing, it might be easier to have a corrector within the application than to erase/retype the text in question. Just a thought; great tool, and Ashraf gets an A+ for tuning us in. Have a great day.

  • RobCr

    I purchased Winzip a few years back.
    I don’t use it anymore, even though it is registered.
    I use 7Zip as it can handle so much more.
    I just downloaded Ashraf’s zip, and it opened in 7Zip no problem.
    It is free, so give it a try.

    Did you want a copy of the Grey Text warning ?

  • keef47

    Similar error as goofus828 (Message 1)

    Winzip says “End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file”.

  • AlanR

    Thanks guys for your efforts. However, at present, I can see no need for this utility – just more unnecessary screen clutter to me, even if it can be turned OFF (in which case, why bother in the first place..!!??)
    My laptop has lights which illuminate when CAPS and / or NumLock are active – same goes for my PC full keyboard (which also has other functions).

    Many programs (spreadsheets, word processors etc.) also have similar notifications somewhere on their screen window, command line or similar. It is therefore up to ME to take notice and care with what I am typing.

    Sure, I make mistakes – who doesn’t – but am not so lazy at proof reading and doing corrections. Even so, I am not infallible when there is no spell checker available (even these miss contextual errors!).

    Still, to those that have a perceived need, by all means go ahead and enjoy. For me, though, that day has yet to come. :=))

  • RobCr

    Just create a folder say C:\capswarn and place the exe into there.
    When it runs it does not install anything, it just runs.
    Any files that it creates, are placed into that same folder (eg Settings.ini placed into c:\capswarn).
    If later on you wish to get rid of it, you just delete the whole folder.

    If you want the program to start when you turn the PC on, you can create a shortcut to the exe, and then place that shortcut into the Windows Start Menu Startup folder (As Ashraf described in the article above).


  • @jivadas: “CapsLock Warning is a portable program, so after downloading it, just unzip it and run CapsLockWarning.exe to use it – there is no need to install” the app adds NOTHING to your system except that one settings file, so it can’t mess up your system.

  • jivadas


    OK. So if I put it in a folder, it will work.
    But what if I want to get rid of it? If it’s installed, I can use the excellent Revo Uninstaller.
    But if Ido it your way, and it makes some problem, how do I remove it?


  • @Ashraf: Gah, VB6???? that’s pre-.NET! Thanks!

  • Ashraf

    @Alan: The top right corner of this page. Also I provided links in the article to login/register. Here are they are again:

    @Fred: Check your junk box please. It may have been marked as junk. Otherwise, send me an e-mail at admin at about it.

    @Samuel: He used VB6 I believe. Also, no problem on the app – we are all busy in this world, no worries.

  • As one developer to another, what language did you write this in Rob?

    (I know I need to finish that program for you Ashraf, been having problems getting the right balance between things to monitor and the programs system load)

  • IT3

    Wow, this is great! Thanks Rob and Ashraf for sharing this great tool with us..

  • I´d like to download. I regged yesterday but received no mail from here yet. :-(

  • Alan

    Same problem as Bob Wingler, except there is nothing in the top right hand corner, or anywhere else. Just the message.

  • RobCr

    That sounds a bit more elaborate and specialized, for the sort of things I was considering adding.
    We should see if we can get Ashraf to set up a suggestions forum or page.
    The trick would be to define/set your needs (or some of them) in such a way that there would be a similar demand from other members (a popular request). Then hopefully a member (probably with a similar interest), would volunteer to create a program for distributing to our members.
    If all that comes to pass, and there is a single(or two) need that is not met, perhaps I could ‘quietly’ build it in, like I have done with Emyrs’ Grey request.
    I define ‘quietly’ to mean – we know how to trigger it, but the other users don’t even know it is there.

  • Janet


    That was sort of the idea but what you suggest may be a few too many steps….There is a program where by hitting one of the F-keys, highlighted Hebrew text gets direction-reversed (for times when your Hebrew has come up left-to-right instead of right-to-left). The same program will toggle between Heb characters and Latin characters for highlighted text by hitting a different F-key (useful because the computer sometimes unintentionally shifts alphabets). I would likewise like to have F-keys for upper-and-lower-case-reversal; change all to UPPERCASE; change all to LOWERCASE. With anything requiring more than highlight+one-key, it is usually faster just to retype….In the case of the Caps Lock issue, I usually correct immediately as a result of the beep notification, but Highlight+Fx would still be nice here…..

  • Elblando

    Many thanks Ashraf and Rob, CapsLock Warning is just what I’ve been looking for. Don’t know if it’s my clumsy fingers or my brain but always having uPPER cASE PROBLEMS!!

  • RobCr

    See my recent reply to Emyrs.
    If there is enough demand(from other members) we could standardize the color choices, and build it in officially.
    Regarding the F Lock, could you elaborate on what that is ?
    (I only have a standard keyboard.)

  • RobCr

    Are you seeking say a feature something like this –
    You highlight(select) some bad text ‘mARY HAD A LITTLE lAMB’
    You press Ctrl C (which places it into the Windows Clipboard)
    You click an option in my program’s systray Icon, and it reverses the case of the text in the Clipboard, and pastes it.
    Which would overwrite your selected text with ‘Mary had a little Lamb’
    That would be possible, but I doubt there would be much demand (from the other members) for that feature. As that is the other purpose of the program – preventing that from happening in the first place.
    What are your thoughts ?

  • anemailname

    I don’t want to have to set my PC to make a sound or pop a screen to tell me when I hit the caps lock key, this little program is perfect for me, if only because you can just turn it off without dancing through the myriad of windows configurations! Just right click and be done with it. I have Arthritis and hit that darn key all the time without knowing it, I guess now I can stop yelling at my friends and family. (although sometimes it is fun)
    My only suggestion for the basic program (being a graphic artist) would be a graphically enhanced interface and pop up button, maybe some different color choices? But that is just aesthetics.
    As for program additions, my one suggestion for an add on, doesn’t really pertain to everyone. I have a multi-media keyboard and would love a pop up or even just a small “F” in the corner to let me know if my F Lock is on or not.
    Excellent job Rob! And thanks Ashraf for bringing us useful apps!!
    Thank you

  • RobCr

    I have it working.
    The background and the text are Grey.
    I suspect there won’t be a big demand for Grey, however the coding I have done, is generic enough that it will assist, if there is a later demand for Red, etc.
    In the meantime, we don’t want to clutter the Options dialog with settings that many are not interested in.
    If we add this line to the end of the Settings.ini file –
    Which will then look similar to this –
    HELLO = World
    We will be able to get it showing Grey for you.
    You can just paste that line to the end of your Settings.ini file.
    (I would have the program unloaded whilst you do that.)

    The challenge is – How do we get the program to you ?
    It would just be a case of me sending you CapsLockWarning.exe and you replacing yours with it.
    Any thoughts on how I can get it to you ?

  • Adrian

    @Janet: This “Default function”, as you say it, is actually the ToggleKeys function of Windows. You will hear a beep every time you press “caps lock”, “scroll lock” or “num. lock”.

    You can turn off this function via the Control Panel.

  • RobCr

    Wheezer, Ashraf,
    I tried unsuccessfully to replicate your initial problem. I tried it with CapsLock off, and also tried it with CapsLock on. It worked ok.
    My PC is oldish, so perhaps some super fast PCs are catching out my code, when it is changing the Timer Interval setting. I believe that once you have settled on your settings, and ‘beaten it with a stick’, it should be ok from then on.

    Regarding placing the exe into a Folder.
    There are three reasons why the program should have it’s own folder, rather than be placed in the C directory. All reasons relate to the fact that the program creates and later locates text files –
    1) It can get a bit tricky for the program to compute where it’s companion files are (eg Settings.ini), if they are in the main directory (eg C:\). Especially if networks become involved. If they are in the same folder as the exe, it ‘is a piece of cake’.
    2) If ever you wish to ‘un-install’ the program (remove it), you can just delete the folder. and that then removes all traces of the program.
    3) There may be enhancements later, such as frequently used clips, or recent clipboard clips. That would involve creation of additional files.
    I just wouldn’t sleep well at night, knowing that some of you had those sprinkled all over your main drive(Directory)

    Regarding the suggestions to use Windows built in aids, I have learned to shy away from many of those, as they are usually a PIA, somewhere else.
    The program caters for two problems –
    1) Accidental hitting of the CapsLock key
    2) Deliberate pressing of the CapsLock key, and then forgetting to turn it off.
    I being old, suffer mostly from the latter problem. However If I was hitting the key accidentally, I would still be using the program to give me a ‘heads up’.
    Since it does not require installing, and uses virtually no resources, and no one could miss the warning, what do you have to lose ?
    Also you might think of some extra features to recommend to me (Not related to Capslock), that could be built in, since it is always one mouse click away, running in the systray.

    Regarding the login link on the top right of this page, I noticed that I have to mouse over a blank area to the right of ‘Welcome’ and it then appears.

    Thanks for all the praise,

    PS Perhaps the members could raise suggestions for other programs to be created by our members, for us members ?
    Who knows some of the suggestions may be small enough, that they could be built into this program.

  • Janet

    I was quite puzzled about this whole business since I always get a beep when I hit Caps Lock and thus always know when I have accidentally turned it on. I thought this was a default setting (?). Do most people either not have this function or keep their sound turned off??

    What would be really nice would be a program that allows you to reverse Caps Lock for selected text…:-)….Or to toggle text case (like they have in some programs)…….

  • Wheezer

    @Bob Wingler:
    Look up a the top right corner of the page. Click on “Login.”

    That’s on a regular page, I don’t know if it’s on the page with the message telling you that you have to log in before you can download the program. But you still have to come back to this page anyway to click the download link again, so ya might as well log in before clicking the download link.

  • Jeffinprov

    This is absolutely terrific! My typing skills are somewhat idiosyncratic on a good day. Further, on my primary machine, I use one of the wavy-gravy style “ergonomic” keyboards, thus giving me problems on “flat” boards, i.e. those used by the rest of the world… the biggest of those problems being the damn caps lock. A thousand Thank-Yous!!!

  • Ozzie

    Thanks Rob and Ashraf! This is incredibly generous of you! I sooooo need to put my mother on to this (I’ll try and get her to sign on as a member) … she is forever sending me emails that suddenly feature whole paragraphs in caps (gives me a jolt – I think she is yelling at me for some reason … as in: “went out for lunch today AND HAD A SANDWICH AND IT WAS DELICIOUS), at the end of which she chirpily writes: “Whoops, just realised I hit caps but I don’t have time to go back and rewrite it all.” Yep, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this was made precisely for her.

  • Bob Wingler

    Went to dl page and was told I must log in but I see no option do do so.

  • pm55

    I never thought I would need this as until i bought a new laptop with no warning light what so ever for cap lock. You have to guess if it is on or off. This is a great solution to this problem.

    Thanks for thoughtful and useful software.

  • Wheezer

    After reading Ashraf’s reply to my first post:
    “@Wheezer: I also faced that two right-click menu bug – I forgot to mention it to Rob though. I will be sure to do that if he doesn’t know already. Similarly, in regards to the menu not closing: same thing happens to me, but I think this is “as intended”, hence the “OOPS Hide this Menu” option.

    However, I don’t have any problems running it at the bottom of my screen and at fast. It works just fine for me.”

    I decided to try again with the speed of the flash to fast. It worked without a flaw.

    Must have just been a thing where the planets were all lined up in just the right order at the exact right second in time that caused what happened earlier to happen. :-)

    I’m glad you posted that info Ashraf. I like this little program and plan on keeping it.

  • Emrys

    Cool. Good work guys. Can I change it to black text on a gray background?

  • J. L.

    I simply changed my Caps Lock key to function as a shift key.
    Instructions here:

  • giovanni

    Hey Ashraf,
    another way to avert Caps Lock-related problems is to use “ToggleKeys”, an option designed for people who have vision impairment or cognitive disabilities.

    When ToggleKeys is turned on, your computer plays a HIGH SOUND every time the locking keys (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or SCROLL LOCK) are pressed on the keyboard.

    To see how to enable this option on your system with XP as OS please read this little tutorial made by Microsoft:

    But if you’re a bit hard of hearing or for any reason you prefer a VISUAL warning instead of a sound, try this:

    1. Repeat step mentioned on the above link (==> Open your PC’s Control Panel and then Accessibility Options on XP Classic View).

    2. On the SOUND TAB check the USE SOUNDSENTRY checkbox.

    3. Click the SETTINGS button and select FLASH ACTIVE WINDOW in the WARNING FOR WINDOWED PROGRAMS drop-down menu. Then click OK and you’re done…LOL!

    Now every time you hit CAPS LOCK or other Lock keys, the active window will FLASH at you without installing any tool on your PC.

    To enable the CAPS LOCK WARNING on WINDOWS 7 see:


  • davidroper

    We were warned:

    you may place CapsLockWarning.exe in any folder on your computer except for your main directory (i.e. C:/) because it uses a Settings.ini file to save your settings.

    So why not name the settings file
    and be safe?

    then you could find and delete old versions ie
    v1_0, v1_1, etc as needed
    Just thinking outloud. Great program.

  • Ashraf

    @Jaap: I also use a built-in caps lock notifying tool (although not the one you are mentioning since my sound is off a lot of the time). However, I am sure many, many people will find CapsLock Notifier very handy.

    Thanks for the tip and feedback, though! =).

  • Jaap

    I have no need for this program. When I push CapsLock, I will hear a sound (piep!) and when I push that key again, I hear an other (lower) sound. That is all I need to prevent mistakes and you can arrange that in every version of Windows: Control panel > Ease of access center. I am not really sure of the english names, because I use a dutch version.

  • Ashraf

    @Youngatheart1946: Rob is the one who deserves the real credit here, not me. Nonetheless, you are welcome =).

    @Wheezer: I also faced that two right-click menu bug – I forgot to mention it to Rob though. I will be sure to do that if he doesn’t know already. Similarly, in regards to the menu not closing: same thing happens to me, but I think this is “as intended”, hence the “OOPS Hide this Menu” option.

    However, I don’t have any problems running it at the bottom of my screen and at fast. It works just fine for me.

    @jivadas: CapsLock Warning is “portable” so you don’t have to “install” it – just run CapsLockWarning.exe and it will work. By “place anywhere” I meant you can put CapsLockWarning.exe in any folder you want – it will work. I have clarified the directions.

    If you are still confused, please ask and I will make a video about it.

    @Everyone: Please provide feedback to Rob such as if there are bugs, or any features you want added.

  • jivadas

    This is a great idea! As a sloppyFinger, CapsLock has always been a bane to me. My practice in the past has been to pry the key loose from my keyboard and recycle it in the garbage; but I found that occasionally I want to use the function.
    Those of us over 70 may not understand your install instructions. What do you mean, “place anywhere”? How do I install it on XP/Word?


  • Wheezer

    Looks good. Altho it did act like it locked up when I put the message at the bottom and selected fast as the speed. The message quit coming up and the message box that you get when you right click the tray icon opened and wouldn’t close.

    I right clicked on the icon again, it opened another right click menu. But this one had the CapsLock OPTIONS option on it twice.

    I clicked on one of them, changed back to the medium setting and everything worked fine again.

    Before downloading it and trying it, I was afraid that it would be aggravating to have a flashing message on my screen like that. Boy was I wrong. There’s nothing aggravating about it.

    Many, many thanks to Rob for making this and then sharing it with us. That was a very nice thing to do.

    And thanks to Ashraf for allowing it to be offered on dotTech.

  • Youngatheart1946

    Hi there Ashraf and Rob, thank you both very much for this little gem. I am sure I am one of many who will find this little app. invaluable.
    keep up the gr8 work guys.


  • Ashraf

    @goofus828: Curses – if only everyone in the world used 7-zip over other software like WinZip =P.

    I have recompressed the file so that it will work with WinZip. Please redownload and confirm.

  • goofus828

    Sorry but I get a error message in WinZip:

    : CapsLockWarning\Readme (Don’t ignore me!).txt unsupported compression method 14
    error: no files were found – nothing to do