Worms and more worms, YUMMY! [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Worm soup, ever heard of it? No? Believe me, you have not lived until you drink a bowl of worm soup mixed with scotch bonnet pepper and other foods. Just put in your mouth and slurp!

[via Green Company Effect]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    I prefer my worms on the end of a hook, thank you very much.

    I hope that wasn’t too puerile…

  • JMJ

    I agree with Machar that today’s photo offering underwhelms; just a bunch of non-arthropod invertebrates (The term ‘worm’ is not used scientifically anymore.) but disagree with his/her tone regarding puerile observations and humor. Personally, I find Vamien to be a breath of fresh, unstuffy (albeit sometimes silly) air on this often self-important thing called the Internet.

    By the way, there really are some good ‘worm’ soups and dishes. I’ve eaten sea cucumber (almost a worm) prepared in several styles at Chinese restaurants and, even Food.com offers some real ‘worm’ recipes: http://www.cooks.com/recipe/46m94rl/earthworm-chow.html

  • Machar

    This thread needs to be renamed to Prosaic Photo Of The Day. Or – here’s a thought! – it could just be run on those days when someone has found a genuinely amazing photo. The puerile comments accompanying them are also far from amazing.