“The Internet of Things: past, present, and future” [Infographic]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, where everyone and everything is connected to the cloud. Perfect for our NSA friends, but that is the price to pay for such awesomeness.

[via Visualy]

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  1. sl0j0n

    The so-called “Internet of Things” will never come to fruition.
    The problem is that the earth, and all the living things on it, have always existed with a particular environment, which includes the natural levels of background radio-frequency radiation. The reason for the disappearance of bees, which are vital, even critical to agriculture, is primarily the electromagnetic radio-frequency radiation that interferes with their ability to navigate. It also affects other insects, and even birds are known to use magnetism to navigate, and some of these are also affected. Also, the frequency and strength of Wi-Fi, cell phone radios, Bluetooth, and other “connected” wireless technologies is far higher and much stronger than the natural 7.83 hertz of the “Schumann resonances”, as the natural background electromagnetic radiation is called. Considering that recent research shows that even some bacteria can send and receive “radio” frequency energy forms, we can now begin to understand how and why there are consistent reports of cell phone use causing cancer. The electromagnetic radiation adversely and actively affects DNA, since it is ‘sensitive’ to that particular form of energy. Knowing that the cell phone industry is worth billions of dollars annually, its not surprising that governments will not report these facts. [Think ‘cell phone tax’.] Literally, the cell phone industry is worth over $340 billion dollars a year. That much money buys an awful lot of ‘silence’. Long story short, the rapid increase of cancer, world-wide, will be found to relate to exposure to electromagnetic radio-frequency radiation that affects DNA.
    While its not seasonable to expect this information to produce anything more than the slightest ripples, the law-suit effect will bring such an exorbitant ‘tax effect’ that it is likely that within ten years, if not less, we’ll see some major changes in the cell phone technology. If you know any cell phone users that have developed cancer, especially unusal or rare forms, let them know to research this subject. The first few cases might not get much, but as the research and links become stronger and more sure, some people, or their surviving families, will receive settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars. That will be the financial barrier. BTW, since most people use cell phones, unless its absolutely necessary, put your cell phone on speaker, to keep from holding it against your head. Maybe that will help you.

    Have a GREAT day, Neighbors!